Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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This machine has it all!!!

September 09, 2007
Flimsy build quality, erratic operation....a high end unit with only one coil???? For the serious hunter. Same noisy operation as the MXT.....way to go Dave ......back to the drawing board. I can't believe how many 75's are out there on Ebay and in pawnshops...that should tell you something!!!

Overall Rating 1 star


F-75 vs T-2 vs Tejon vs DFX and MXT

September 03, 2007
I want to make this short, but it will be difficult.

I own a Tejon. I own around 20 detectors, including Minelabs. I own high-end Fishers, Tesoros, White's, Compasses, Bounty Hunters, etc. I have used the DFX's, MXT's, etc, etc, and have matched the operation of the newest Minelabs, White's, Bounty Hunters, Fishers, including the T-2 and the F-75 with top rate detector users operating them, all against each other. If you turn the sensitivity too high, or forget to ground-balance a detector it will make a lot of unnecessary noise and chattering. It will be unstable fighting all the changes in the ground conditions and the tiny bits of magnetite, hematite, and miniscule pieces of rusted iron and steel. The Tesoro is one of the noisiest ones on the market, MUCH noisier than an F-75 or a T-2, and especially when using it's bigger coils, as is the case with ALL detectors, regardless of their brand. I can't say much more for the MXT either. It also is subject to these problems. The DFX runs a bit smoother. It should, it was designed as a coin hunter and the MXT originally was a very sensitive nugget hunter.

The soil here is around 2X to 3Xthe iron content than is found in Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc., and at times I have to leave the Tejon in the truck because of this problem. It does the worst in high iron soil. It won't ground balance well enough in most of this soil and on the high salt, high magnetite beaches it is almost useless. The T-2 and the F-75 work just fine here though.

My old Compasses, Sovereign Elite, Explorers and Fishers balance the easiest of all, and they do not do much chirping either, unless I have the gain set too high or GB set wrong, or there is interference of some kind.. The F-75 and the T-2 balance just fine too and make little if any noise of adjusted correctly, but you can't run them full sensitivity in many places because they already have SO much gain built into the circuitry. The 60 cycles (120 v), 220, 440, etc voltages from powerlines or transformers will cause almost ANY detector to chatter unless it is an underpowered or cheaply made one, so just move somewhere else to detect and turn the sensitivity down. That should cure the problem in almost all cases. It works well with both the T-2 AND the F-75. The powerlines drive my Minelabs crazy!

I hope this helps the person from Georgia with his F-75 and T-2 operating and chattering problems.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


F75, not your father's detector.

August 31, 2007
I got my F75 this week and so far I love it. I have used a T2 for over a year so I was not surprised or alarmed by the falsing and the chatter. Let me say right off that if you want a quiet machine with a stable TID in bad ground... this is not your machine. If you want a really powerful detector that you can push past all normal limits, when the situation allow's, then this is your detector. It is light, easy to use, and it will hit on everything in the ground. Yes, it does false and chatter a bit. I just swing twice over the same ground before overlapping and moving along. As you become more experienced with the F75/T2 you will begin to know the difference between a false/chatter and a good signal. Coins are a crisp solid tone and can't be missed. The TID function work's in all metal and is very good for coinshooting, as the audio response in AM is a little better.
Steel bottle caps are no problem for the F75, it id's them better than the T2. Running in DE mode and DP tone a bottle cap will sort of whine, where a quarter will be a solid beep.
I mentioned that the TID is not a steady lock as with some other machines and this is not alway's true. In good ground without to much iron the TID will lock right on and stay steady. In mineralized ground with a lot of iron the TID will jump around but... it will hover around the correct number. It may run a 10-12 digit range but it will keep hitting the correct TID. Once you learn how it act's this will be no problem. There are so many different ways to check a target that you will not dig as much trash as before. As far as the recovery time... forget it. Your brain cannot keep up with the detector. You can swing it as fast and you like and it will hit one every target in it's path and id them. It will not be as stable if you try to id a target using the Sovereign wiggle, you must use a wider swing. Even if there are other targets near your target.
I cannot stress this enough: If you are used to a Whites or a Minelab and you buy an F75, you are surely going to think that there is something wrong with your machine. The Minelabs run quiet the F75 does not! It's like driving a 1955 Buick for years and then buying a Ferrari. Both will get you where you are going but one is a big heavy smooth ride and the other is quick and fast.
If you buy an F75/T2 be willing to put your other detectors in the closet for a month or three and use only the F75/T2. That is the only way you are going to learn this machine well enough to really like it, if you are used to a slow and quiet detector.
I use, beside the T2 and F75, a Minelab SovereignGT, and a Tesoro Tejon. Both the GT and the Tejon are good machines but the F75 is better than either of them. In really heavy iron I sometimes like the Tejon w/5.75 coil best. In salt surf or in really clean ground the GT does well, but it is heavy.
Remember, an F75 in perfect working order is not a quiet machine. It will false. It will chatter. It will also signal on everything in the ground.
If you are coin hunting use either all metal, one tone or four tone because DP and 2h will give a low iron audio tone on a nickle in both DP and 2h.
I am very happy with my F75.
The F75 also has a static/non-motion all metal mode that run's very deep. You can use it for hunting artillary shells or for finding utilities like pipes or for cache hunting.
FT service is good. They replaced the coil, resoldered the wiring, and replaced he handle on my T2 and it is now like new. I hope I don't need service on my F75 but if I do I am certain it will be done to my satisfaction.
If you want a quiet detector, do not buy an F75. If you want the most powerful detector ever made.. buy it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Unstable &jumpy

August 27, 2007
I USED my 75 for 4 months.1 month of this time was spent sending detector back & forth to fix. and it never was. fisher said it was in tip top shape. I could not see this as it worked poorly. noisy,jumpy, erratic, I have used nearly all detector makes. and have been detecting so many years that i will not give a number.But newbie David Harper. seems to know more than the rest. By having the insight to know that we all need to know more about our machines. BY the way ebay is not the only place that sells. try treasure depot classifieds or findmall lots of 75s being sold over there. But anyway thanks again david. For lashing out 70 fivers seem to be an angry bunch.

Overall Rating 1 star


Deepest Detector out There

August 23, 2007
People that give the F75 bad reviews simply don't know how to use it (detector wanna b's) or any detector, or they work for White's. Go back to swinging what you think is great. Me & my F75 will be digging the deep or next to iron good stuff you can't get a signal on.
Pinpoint,Target ID, Discrimination,Ergonomics, Ease of use are all as good as it gets.
This is by far the most accurate deepest machine for the money...PERIOD. Yes... I've used them all. Sold them kept the F75

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Easily Finds Coins.

August 21, 2007
My first outing with the F5 yielded a hand full of clad coins from the front yard. It is very easy to use, even for a beginner. It is very sensitive and has great depth. I think those who are not happy with their machine should learn a bit more about how it operates before jumping to negative conclusions. Look on E-bay and you will see that the only F-75's for sale are the new ones.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Deeper than my ace

August 17, 2007
This 75 is some machine. Up until now I have only used an ace 250 Garrett. But man o live this 75 is king of the sandlot it goes even deeper than my ace. Just yesterday I dug a hotwheels car at 9 inches wow! It don't i.d quite as good as the ace but the depth makes up for it. Man if you want to find deep pennys and nickles this is the detector for you.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Serious quaulity issues

August 15, 2007
Nothing but trouble since day one. Spends more time being repaired than in use.In the field.All kinds of noise. Jumping display.I think these things are being slapped together to fast down south of the border. And problems are not caught until you buy one.If you read around and check forums you will see many owners with problems. At least before they are deleted that is. I see most reviews here are not that favorable of the 75. With exception of that guy who lives close to the factory. Who is constantly pushing this machine. Not sure what his motive is. But i remember him trash talking all machines until this one. Anyway i would have to say buyer beware on this one. I would give it no stars but the ratings dont go that low.

Overall Rating 1 star


The more I use it the more I like it.

August 14, 2007
The more I use the F-75 the more I like it. I like jewelry hunting with it in city parks and athletic fields. I put it in JE mode, set the sensitivity to around 30-35, raise the disc to the max and then go back and notch in high iron and both the lower and upper foil notches and then add the lower nickel notch and use 2+ tone mode. FastGrab and go. Swwwweeeeetttt. The key is a good steady tone, watch the depth bar and dig it!

Sometimes I'll just clad hunt with it. DE mode, senstivity between 40-50 and 3 tone mode. Easy to tell coin from trash. Sometimes my nickel count will outdo my dime count. How often can a person say that? In the high trash spots I'll lower the sens another 10 points and use the notches to reduce how much audio I have to process. Works just as good as a 4" coil that way. Sometimes the bottle caps will get to me but most of them will either give a wide number variation or the deeper older ones will spike the FE meter. I can't say the steel bottle caps have really been a problem with my F-75 like they were with my T2.

In the iron sites, DE mode, 2+ tone, disc at 6 and just piddle around listening for that high tone. Use the pinpoint feature and see if you can seperate whats down there as well.

In the homesites/ghost towns, watch the FE meter. All those buried flattened cans and flat iron will give often give a high tone but the FE meter will give them away. When in doubt pull the pinpoint trigger and listen to that large response.

The hardest thing to learn about the F-75 is turning down the sensitivity setting. That and learning how to look at all the information displayed on the faceplate. But once you do, man, I am finding it to be a sweet machine.

The only draw back is the response speed will ruin you toward using some of the more traditionally engineered units.

I would have liked to see the notches go all the way into the high coin range.

I really like being able to choose if nickels will give a high tone or medium tone.

I rate it 5 stars.

( I also use the ExplorerII, Golden uMax and until just recently the DFX, Xterra 70, and CoinStike)

I am a Fisher shill :)


Overall Rating 5 stars!



August 13, 2007
More time being repaired than in field. Goofy noises, numbers jumping, etc. I know electronics, I work in this field. And sorry to say, but I feel this detector is crap, and have had many to compare to.

Overall Rating 1 star


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