Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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F75 is the best!

March 07, 2009
The Fisher F75 is the most ground breaking metal detector I have ever used. Low weight, rapid recovery rate and super sensitivity for deep coins and relics. Also it is super versatile with all the search coils that are available for it. I am really looking forward to testing the new 5”DD coil.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The REAL Streak! Review.......

March 01, 2009
Seems someone took the time to write a Review in My name, bashing the Fisher F75. Hope you rot in hell coward.
The REAL Scoop is that the F75 is the best machine I have ever used, bar none. Fantastic Ergonomics, GREAT battery life, and unequalled performance in iron. This machine has put a LOT of relics in my pouch. Despite complaints about build quality, I've pounded this machine in heavily wooded sites, with no failure at ALL, for over two years now. Thats more than I can say for a few other brands I've owned. I'd rate this machine 5 stars for performance alone, and another 5 stars for batt life and ergonomics.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Working with perfection

January 10, 2009
Hi there,
For any one new to the F75, it may help if I just give you a few tips on using your F75 and if I can just describe the proceedures a bit it may help you gain a bit of the working insight to the Fisher F75.
I would never wish to advocate I am an expert with any detector, but I have used this Fantastic detector since they were first introduced, and if I can possibly help point people in the right direction, then I feel you can then expand on this info I'm setting out.
First, Ground balancing. This procedure is a very important issue to be taken seriously. You are advised to do it although the Auto "Fast Grab" procedure is adequate in most soils.
Rather than waste space in describing the fast Grab, please follow the manual steps on this. But can I just mention, that I Fast grab about every 20 minutes. Keep an eye on your "ground mineralization graph" on the right hand side of your meter console watch for any fluctuation in your Graph when GB` ing. Make a note at first what the readings tell you, what state the soil is when your GB`ing..
Once you have fast grabbed (GB).................Select your working s.
Assuming your wanting to search in the DISCRIM mode (on the left of the control panel)......
Set your sensitivity on say 75 to start. No particular reason just set 75 for now.
Then push the menu button again and select DISC LEVEL with the settings knob.. Set this at 4 .
Then push the Menu again and select notch with the settings knob.. Make sure this is ALWAYS on 1 .
(unless you want to delb into Notch procedure)
Press menu again & turn Settings knob again to," # of Tones."
This is all down to a matter of choice on this setting. When I first got the F75 used 3 and even 4 tone, but I soon found that although these modes give you the higher squeal on Silver, they can also give out ghost signals which can waste a lot of time looking for when really they are not there. So my advice is to use Primarily TWO TONE ,(2)or if you want to go into Zero discrim then Single tone is the better, but thats a whole different ball game strategy.

DP (delta pitch) is not advised
Now press menu once more, and turn the setting knob till your in Process #.
Here you have 4 different search modes.
dE (default process)
JE (Jewelry process)
bc (bottle cap)
and finally, PF (plowed field)
Again these are modes which you personally will decide what YOU want and feel confident in.
Can I just say that it in general for UK soils, its better to Ignore bc mode, but again, thats just mine, and a few others opinion.
( De mode) is a General purpose mode basically.
(PF mode) is a very good and versatile mode for uneven ground and pasture.
(JE mode) is the Turbo of the F75. This is a VERY sensitive mode and is perfect for searching for the tiny stuff in. This detector eats Cut quarters and Tiny Gold nuggets for breakfast in this mode (if they are there ) Watch your sensitivity though in this mode . But, have it too high sometimes and you will have an adverse affect on this detector.` 50 `is average, in the JE mode, but you can always up it higher till it ceases to become stable, then, back it off a few turns till you can get a pretty good stability in the noises to be able you to recognize the "good signal " when you hear one.
Just a quick mention on the search swing on THIS detector. On most detectors it is always advised you search slowly. Now, not so with the F75. A quicker than the average swing is advised for this detector. This doesn't mean to say you should up your Step pace. Just your swing pace. 1 second per sweep is about right, from left to right.
Now going back to Sensitivity!
I always start as high as I can without Erratic gurgling and hurdy gurdying playing in my ears. Try to set the sensitivity so that you do not hear excessive noise. Tune the Sensitivity so that there's an even sounding or, just a tiny bit of noise in the back ground of your Ear phones.. SILENT running is NOT advised.

You may wish to go for maximum depth and start hunting in (motion)ALL METAL Mode.
This is an excellent mode to hunt in, as you get NO GROUND AFFECTS to contend with as you do in the Discrim modes.
Firstly switch over from the Discrim mode to the All metal mode on the right of your Screen.
Adjust the threshold to just audible. Then adjust the Audio pitch of your detector. I think mines at 5.
Drop down to SENSITIVITY now and start off at about 75.
Now Manually Ground balance the detector. If your not sure on this Follow the steps in your User manual to do it. You will soon get the hang of it and not have to use your Manual..
Then start Digging. If your not comfortable with Manually GB`ing then Fast grab procedure will be OK. Keep your ears open for the good target each way sounds and Dig nothing under 18. It will be rubbish. Coins etc will be up in the 40`s figures or roundabouts. OK I know cut quarters may be missed by ignoring anything under 23. But if Cut quarters and halves don't float your boat, there no problem. But if you want to detect cut quarters and halves, just dig from 18 and above, then you will almost certainly catch them in the 18 - 20 bracket. You'll soon get the hang of what figure not to dig under after a few digs. A lot of high squeals will be Iron up in the late 80's to 90, but as I said watch out for the figures in the Medium /High end bracket to be good targets.

I have added this paragraph on to my paragraphs also, as I think its a very important addition from a leading figure in the detecting world. I have included it because its another excellent way of working the F75.

"Put your Discrim mode on. Use PF mode, and sensitivity at around 80. Also stick your Discrimination on " 6 " and (Very important) stick your tones on MONO TONE (single tone).
When this set up is on it allows an excellent Iron see thru capability to be introduced on a site where it is littered with iron bits of junk and it masking the non ferrous targets.
Many detectors will shut down on these circumstances.
The F75 and the T2 are the only detectors available that will readily tackle this (pretty common) scenario with a good unmasking success rate. Now heres the gist of this.
With the F75 discrimination on 6, and Monotone,...... The moment you invoke a different tone, such as 2 tone or three tone or four tone, the Discrimination even though its on "6"....
Will BECOME instantly a discrimination of FIFTEEN by you switching the tones out from mono tone to any other.
The reason for this is any target that is between "6" and "15" will now audibly report as a LOW TONE(iron tone)
This is a Big problem for many reasons.
Any target that is ABOVE 15 might read a Higher tone(tone frequency depending on what tone option invoked)
Most people do not want to dig Iron, and most people will miss masked non ferrous targets when "monotone" IS NOT SELECTED So, mono tone is very very useful.
Do not dismiss it.
The T2 with a disc setting of "21" and mono tone will be a similar thing."

Anyway I hope this bit of info will help you to wards running your F75 in a pleasant and rewarding way.
There is much much more to the working of this F75 & I'm sure In fact I obviously know there are lots of things I have omitted to convey to this post but I can't discuss everything in one go, but this is just a few hints to help you get you up and started pretty quickly.

So that'll give you my best tips on how to use this Fabulous detector.
Ok, its Not built like a Minelab. But on sayiing that, its no where near as heavy as a Minelab. So you can't have your cake and eat it.
There has to be a compromise. If you want light well balanced detector, this IS IT ! If you want Depth, and Max Sensitivity, this detector has it all. Just treat it with respect, and don't sling it about or drop it if you can. It should repay your respect.
Its todays stealth bomber of the Detecting world.
The moaners! Well there's always a few in life.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


F75 how to quite it down

October 14, 2008
Ok I sell a lot of F75 everyone comes back for help with the chatter, everyone I look at has the same issue, they look at notch then turn the setting back to zero, well it doesn't go back to zero really you just notched in iron, if there is not a full slash over iron while looking at it in notch then you are accepting iron. This makes the detector a chatter box. To fix either do a factory reset, or turn notch up until there is a slash on the top part of iron push menu turn down so there is a slash on bottom part of iron push menu you have now blocked iron again and your detector will quite down. Also if you raise the discrimination setting above iron detector will get noisy so either lower the sensitivity or lower the discrimination and use the ID meter thats what its for. Like others have said if you are looking for your first detector don't buy this one, if you want a quite detector that picks up coins at 5" buy something else. If you want to dig buttons at 10" and know what you are doing this is for you.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


F75 detector review

October 03, 2008
Having used several detectors in the past, fisher 1266, whites xlt, fisher cz5, I have to say the F75 is very good. I liked the cz5 sounds and the speed with which it detected targets, but the fisher F75 goes deeper by at least 3 inches on victorian pennies, its simple to use, easy to program, picks up anything from shotgun percusion caps, roman bronzes to celtic quarter staters and more, how anyone could not use this machine is beyond belief as its so simple.

If I had to pick fault it would be with the user manual it is not very informative in explaining the best way to set the detector up for maximum performance in different situations etc. The large search coil covers large areas in no time, but pinpointing can be difficult. The detector also likes hot rocks giving a signal that is borderline I've had hammered coins on edge give the same signal so if in doubt dig. Its easy to swing and I've used it for several hours at a time with little fatigue to my arm, build quality is as good or better than any other detector I've owned or seen, battery time is huge, I've used it for around 20 hours and its still on the full battery life mark.

I would recommend this detector to both beginners and advanced, I've had it only 3 weeks it cost £600 and has nearly paid for itself with coins found, I've had several hammered several Roman and a beautiful celtic gold quarter stater, what more proof could I ask for, and I'm still getting used to what the detector is saying.

When I go out with friends detecting they use top of the range whites and minelab, and at the end of the day my pouch is often more full than theres.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher F70 and F75 are great if........

September 07, 2008
I have been a detectorist for over 25 years and I have used many of the top of the line machines.

I now have a White's Eagle Spectrum that is almost 20 years old. Still a great machine and with the Bigfoot coil, it is a clad and surface coin Monster!
Now still using a MInelab Explorer SE and a couple other machines. I've had 25 machines in the past and have tried a lot more.

I recently went out with two friends of mine MD'ing at a old local school. The school was built in 1915 and was closed down recently. Lots of pull tabs, clads and older deeper coins. A good place to test new machines.

The one friend has a Minelab E-Trac, the newest machine available. The other friend has a new Fisher F70.

The F-70 was hitting a target pretty good at a depth reading of 12 inches. I tried to see if the Spectrum and Bigfoot would see it. No way. The Bigfoot makes the Spectrum nearsighted.

We were really interested in the E-Trac to see if it could see whatever it was.
Nothing. Nada. My friend who is a long time Minelab user, tried every adjustment he could think of but still no signal.
John who has the Fisher F70 went and got his F75 to see if it would see whatever it was.
Bang...hit it just like the F70.

John dug down a littler over 12 inches and found a walking liberty quarter on its side vertically resting next to a small rock. The Fishers saw it, but the Minelab did not.

I know that for each area machines may be best suited. And in some instances the Fisher machines may not be best suited. Like on a wet beach where the Minelabs excell. But so far, I have seen that the Fisher's have been excellent machines.

I also know there has been some quality and customer service issues at First Texas. Lately that has not been much of a problem. It seems that Fisher and First Texas have gotten their act together.

I have been seeing many reviews stating that the Fisher F75 is the worst machine ever. And then I see reviews that say the F75 is the best thing going. What to believe?

I recommend before you buy, try one out. Or go out to a local club and get their opinions. You are sure to run into someone who is using or has used the machine you are looking at. Do not go by what you read anywhere. You never know who is posting...could be a sales rep for whatever you are looking into. Or it could be a sales rep from another company trying to steer you towards their machines.

My personal opinion of the F 75 is that it is a great machine, especially now since the quality issues have been addressed. Not really meant for wet ocean sand but from what I've heard, it can be used to a degree.

My friends who own F75's are constantly out finding the Minelab guys and are a lot deeper than the White's machines in some instances. Could be because the Fishers allow for faster swings? I know the processors in the Fishers are awesomely fast.

I would say that the F75 is a machine for those who want a very deep, very fast seeking machine. With that in mind, the F75 is very touchy and must be adjusted to the ground and also be adjusted to RFI that may be in the area. Because it is so sensitive, it does react to cellphones, power lines, transformers, and any other RFI that may be present. IF you adjust it correctly, then it will perform marvelously.

The F70 from what I have been hearing from owners is not affected as much by RFI. Still as deep as the F75...some say even deeper.

From what I saw, the Fisher F series are great detectors. I made up my mind that I would buy an F70 instead of the E-Trac.

I will soon see if I made the right choice.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



August 26, 2008
Build quality its not there. Unusable in my area. Way out in the boonies powerline problems, and passing airplanes give it a problem. Must be the radio. Also would not work next to to welding shop for some reason or a draw bridge when moving to up position. I'm serious about my hunting and have no time for quirks and tweaking when other detectors for less money are working far better. This one belongs at walmart in the bargain bin for about $ 250-300 please try before you buy.

Overall Rating 1 star



August 25, 2008
One of the great cons of our time. I cant believe that some pretty good detectorist are using this machine. A toy. made to look like a pro detector as soon as I put it in my hands I knew it was junk. Then to use it, what a nightmare. Wow, a group of guys always the same ones really pump this thing up hype. I suspect being paid by first texas. Show me a 75 in the woods hunting and I will show you a roll of duct tape holding it together. Like I just saw at a recent competition. Nuff said buyer beware.

Overall Rating 1 star


I laugh last

August 17, 2008
I am from Holland and have the f75 for some weeks now.

At first I thought I bought a juke box, certainly in high gain mode, then I started reading stories of other owners on the internet, and got to practice a lot.

The settings are most important and with default (de) only you will not get 1% of the potential from this machine. Too bad Fisher/Texas were to stingy to go for a good manual (certainly for European users) and instruction video. Something I think should be included with a machine that is not dirty cheap and that has so many options and settings.

So without a good manual and video you have to figure it out for your self and once you do that you will find the detector very sensitive on all sufaces. Even the smallest chips of silver, gold, bronze or copper is found amazingly deep and stable.

And yes, I don't mind a little chatter through the earphones, since once you hit something valuable you will get a good stable reading and number on the display. You really can make this machine your underground eyes.

Also the speeds of the machine readings are amazing and accurate, certainly if you compare it to a Minelab explorer and it is so much better than a t2!!

I still have to find out a lot of settings, but try to make it mine step by step, every time I get deeper and more accurate.

So like many said before, it is a pretty difficult detector to learn since it is so different of every detector we know.

Others can laugh their brains out, I laugh last and am glad not everyone understands the f75. More for me to find.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


You Make ME Laugh too Hard!!!

August 08, 2008
What is up with all these people that think that this is the best machine on the planet if it is only set up properly???? If it is that darn hard to set up that people with years of experince operateing other detectors can not get it right then so much for advanced all digital design!!! Seriously if you can not take it out of the box and have it operate with very little user tweking then the engineers failed!You do not have to tweak the programing on your car or truck to get it to work proeperly you just twist the key! I am not saying that they needed to make it un tweakable but if this thing has so much processing power it should be able to set itself up for close to ideal setting for the environment it finds itself in.

Then their is the well most people are just too stupid to use it properly???? So the guy that can operate his Minelab 4000 just fine or his old Whites 6000 Di Pro is just too stuid to adjust the thing???? I find that laughable since their are no controls that refelct on it's stability and set-up that have not been on units for the last 20+ years!

Then their is the cost??? I wont more then 2.2 pounds of plastic for $1000 dollars or even $700. DO not get me wrong they have some good idea that I am sure they got from their Discovery and Titan 3300's and refined a bit but I doubt you are getting your moneies worth really.The product has unproven durability, unproven longevity, and is lacking in coils. Anyone notice how simalar the F70,F75,T2 and a few other models are???? Then look at the earlier models of the Titan 3300and Discovery 3300 that sold and still sell for $299 and compare the features, who manufactures it and things like that. I think their are a lot of smoke and mirrors going on witht he internal circuit boards in some of these units with just a different display output, slightly different plastic etc...... SO someone is getting a good deal for $299 and some are being over charged. Think about it do you really think First Texas Products is not going to use simalar is not identical circuit boards in units with prices all over the market. They know good and well someone that would buy a T2 is not going to buy a Titan 3300XD and compare the circuit boards!!!

I gave it three stars for smoke and mirrors and the fun and games FTP is playing with it's Bounty Hunter,Fisher,T2,Dicovery,Titan brands!!! You got to love it when a company pulls a fast one on the so called experts and has them eating out of their hands!

Overall Rating 3 stars


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