Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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January 10, 2012
You can read all the reviews and think whatever. How about some proof? Check out the find of the year 2010 in several relic mags. Fourteen rectangle CSA buckles in a site that was supposedly hunted out. I have seen them personally and hope I am the only person in my immediate area to have this detector because it out performs any I have seen by far. I will bet anybody using something in the same price range whatever they want that I can come to a site that you have hunted 30 years and think its all dug out and make you freaking cry .

Overall Rating 5 stars!


F75 limited ed. Black

September 18, 2011
I purchased the f75 limited about a month or so ago and just as most of the reviews says it takes some time for a person to get the hang of it.
If you are wanting a turn on and go detector get a ace 150 or 250 or 350 I also have the ace 350 but if you want to find the old deep coins better get a detector that can do it.
I think IMHO the f75 is the detector to have....... Want simple spend 300 for a ace but if you want to find the deeper stuff better spend the money and get a fisher f75 and if you want deeper get the limited edition with the boost proc. It is really amazing.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher F75 Super

April 21, 2011
Bought the machine two weeks ago, its really the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


F-75 Review for Meteorites

April 17, 2011
I am a Meteorite Hunter and have shared many hunts with folks that use the White's GMT and the Fisher Goldbug 2 as well as the MineLab 2200 and 3500 machines.

I purchased the F75 based on some information I read at this site and because a few well known meteorite hunters use them. Sometimes I really do learn the hard way. Marketing and reality are often two different things.

I want to say my report here is comparative with the Fisher Gold Bug 2 and the Whites GMT. My wife and I both use Fisher Gold Bug 2's and are successful at meteorite hunting.
I have found 35 meteorites this year (2011) alone and my wife at 6. Only one of them with the Fisher F-75.
In fact, the one I did find with the F-75 I spotted with my eye just milliseconds before swinging over it. I was 6 hours into an arduous hunt and the F-75 DID NOT sound off that there was anything there. Yeah, you heard it..the F-75 DID NOT sound off.

At that point in time, I realized I had wasted my $1049 and that hunt was a total wash-out because the detector simply did not perform. The meteorite I found was an Ordinary Chondrite, 6.7 grams in weight. This is with the 11" DD coil. The Detector should have easily sounded off. So I went home and laid out 5 different meteorites of various sizes and chemical make ups..L6's to H5's.

My GoldBug 2 (GB2) has a 14" mono coil and my wife's has a 10" mono. On all the meteorite samples, both GB2's outperformed the F75 in detecting them. My wife's GB2 outperformed all of them!!! Hmmmm. The difference is so drastic that I have my F75 for sale and someone is going to get a killer deal on it. I am probably nuts for writing this review.

So, When I am involved with hunts with my friends, they use GMT's and the Minlabs units. We are ALL successful meteorite hunters. I would any way shape or form, try to compete with the GB2, GMT or Minelab 3500 using an F75. The F75 would loose hands down. And that is running it with the Sensitivity at 99% and the Threshold all the way up!!!

Also, as I stated, the hunts are arduous more than not. 6 to 8 hour on the ground hunts and 14 hours days. I've dropped my GB2 dozens of times and in the real world is happens. You slip and fall or just happens. The GB2 handles this far.
While I have not ever dropped the F75, It appears to be made out of cheap plastic and I would very much worry about throwing it in the back of my truck or dropping it. I know it would end up doubt in my mind.

It's operating frequency is 13khz...of which I raised doubts, even before I bought it. For comparison, the GMT is at 48Khz and the BG2 is at 71Khz. All things being equal, the GB2 should outperform them all on low metal sub surface meteorites.
Meteorite hunting for me is not "low and slow". I tend to cover a lot of ground and try to keep swinging low and fast. I am listening for that specific sound. I do not have time to look at a display and, I learned two things about the display right off. Hot Rock and meteorites tend to read about a 14 on the display. The unit can not tell them apart.

My thoughts on the display is that the unit might be smart enough to separate a hot rock from a meteorite. Technology? NOT!! And, the unit backs it has a buffer of some sort. You can actually stop swinging and the things sits there still sounding on the hot rocks that I swung over, trying to catch up with me!

Amazingly stupid in the All Metal Mode, IMHO. That is worthless in any kind of hunting, IMHO. You actually have to stop and let it catch up...often.

Now, other thoughts about the F75...reasons I actually gave it a score of 2:

A. Battery life is very impressive. You can hunt for days on a set of batteries. I use, exclusively, NiMH rechargeable batteries and it nice to see this unit accepts them with no issues.
B. After swinging my GB2 with the 14" coil, I certainly noticed less fatigue on the one hunt I used the F75. I contribute the weight of the unit for that. It's very light weight and the arm rest is fully adjustable.
C. Easy to operate and Ground Balance and understand.
D. Well, can't think of anything else.

To be honest, I do not know how this thing would perform with a mono 10" or so coil. I'd really like to try one but I'll be damned if I am going to invest anymore money into it.

If you are hunting meteorites, My experience in the field suggests this unit is not the detector to use. And I am not sure it's any better than the $100 special you can buy at Big-5 for coins or relics! It has not proved to me it is.

I'd be happy to challenge anyone that disagrees with what I said here and I've love to borrow a 10" mono to test with. I would invite anyone to hunt with us or anyone that wants to see for themselves on real meteorite samples that are typically found.

Right now, I'll probably not be able to sell it and just keep it to hunt coins and relics.....easy things that a $100 detector could find...sigh. Or, loan it to friends that want to try their luck at using it. I am really sorry I bought this unit I thought it would be better than what I had...and was totally simply isn't. You can find me on various forums or just google my name to find my web page. Happy Hunting and keep your eyes on the ground!

Overall Rating 2 stars


F-75 Best Metal Detector Bar None....

April 13, 2011
I have owned the F-75 since 2008, when I first purchased the detector from kellyco. I have been hunting since 1995, and have owned 4 previous Fisher metal detectors; CZ-6a, ID-Edge, Coinstrike and now the F-75.

Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve with the detector, but it is a beast of machine, and will sniff out any and all good targets.

Last Saturday, April 9, 2011, my buddies and I were hunting in the western part of Virginia, and I dug my first ever US Oval Belt Buckle at 8 inches down. Interesting thing, I first got a hit and dug down to discover a piece of metal wire sticking out of the hole at about 3 inches.
After removing the wire and throwing it away in my trash bucket, I rescanned the hole and got another decent bullet signal at about 5 inches down.

After removing the 5 inches of dirt, I was rewarded with mhy first, US plate in very good condition.

The F-75 takes some time getting used to, but I am now used to the chatter and hum, that tells me I am only inches away from digging my next relic...


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Amazed really am !

March 18, 2011
From UK not long started this hobby. Bought a Minelab x Terra 70 was great when fitted Hf Coil.
Decided to upgrade to Fisher had it first two weeks and twice wanted to break the thing into pieces.

Anyway, told the guy id bought it from id persevere for one more week, and I'd give it another try.

Wow! Best decision of my life runs like a dream finds stuff brilliant. Trick is you will HATE it but READ the reviews and tips and tweak it you will learn to love it and once more You will actually have fun with this thing. Do not listen to other people here and don't be put off.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Good for alien contact!

March 07, 2011
This thing is nothing but a noise box! Cracking and dinging constantly. If your not hunting in the woods or out in a field forget about it! False signals all the time! And the Id jumps all over the place. Don't believe me just spend a $1000 and find out for yourself.

Overall Rating 1 star


Awesome machine, but not if you are short on patience.

February 02, 2011
Just received an F75 LTD, everything positive I've read is true, as well as the negative(taken with a grain of salt) First, after assembling this detector I was extremely pleased with the balance and overall feel of it. After reading about how hot it is on sensitivity I had to see for myself. I took it for a spin at a site I've hit many times, trashy but definitly still has older coins, buttons, etc.

Set it up with sens at 90, I have always hunted with sens set to the max on my other machines, because I could! I had to turn it down to 50. What was amazing was that I was able to hit on targets in the 6-8 inch range that otherwise would have been non existent with my other machine (Troy X5 & MXT).

It is true, it can actually be a detriment by cranking it up. I know I have to put much more time in with the F75, I can understand the negative reviews of people dealing with erratic readings, noise, etc..., my view on those posts is that there are those that expect flip of the switch magic to happen with a detector which is basically unknown to them other than what an ad says. I used to be the same when I started detecting 11 years ago. All I can say is use what you are comfortable with or take the time to learn a new one, which is what I plan on doing.

As far as detectors go, I believe the F75 to be the best purchase I've ever made and plan on learning it inside & out! Thanx to all who have posted positive & negative reviews here, it really helped me decide on this detector. Bottom line, from the quality to the performance, the F75 is worth every dollar it sells for.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher f75 "be patient"

January 06, 2011
Bought f75 about 2 months ago, been out for about 60 hours in total land and beach. It took me 60 hours of practise to get to know the machine just be patient, play around with it and youll find that its a good all rounder.

Now I stick mainly to all metal mode de/pf visual id. I tend to not dig below 20 and don't forget to ground balance. Sensitivity, just play around to the type of situation your in that's how I find this machine there's no right or wrong way just as they say the more you play the more it will pay and the more you sweep the more youll reap!
Happy hunting.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


No need to hype the real deal

October 16, 2010
Sounds like you have a defective machine, John. I would send it to the factory to have it checked. A common source of problems is a poor connection to the coil. This can give strange behavior, so be sure to tighten it well. I love the F75 and I have many friends using the F75 and F75LTD. Other manufacturers make very good detectors as well, but I think F75 is capturing marked share because of its low weight, high sensitivity, fast recovery speed and good price.

The move to First Texas has been a very good thing for Fisher in my opinion. The management there are reinvesting most of the profit into R&D and not like Cohu the previous holding company who wanted to take profit out to the share holders. Just look at all the new products coming out of Fisher these days.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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