Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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$50.00 upgrade what a waste

July 01, 2008
It's a great machine too bad they didn't take a little more time to get it right the first time. Instead we have to send it back for $50.00 to up grade it. Got that done a little over a month ago and the gasket they put around the face is already dry rotting!!! So please tell me what I paid $50.00 for. It's a great machine but the service gets no stars from me.

Overall Rating 4 stars


What people don't know confuses them!

May 27, 2008
I always spend more time on line figuring out what makes a metal detector work before I get it. That by the time I've received it I'm already familiar with it. Same case with the F75. I read that it's best to take it out and use it in the default settings for some time to get used to the unit, and give it some time to warm up to you. I did, and found several items that I would consider some decent finds (5.5gram gold piece, 1919s wheaty, gold ring, silver ring) I spent about a week before I started manipulating the other settings (except the sensitivity, I had to push it a little, 60 to 70).

I also read that if you are using the Disc that you would like to keep it above 5 and less than 20 due to the fact that you may pick up more EMI (electro magnetic interference, and an important fact for stability). Below 5 and above 19 sends the unit into a hyper gain (somewhat like the MXT which I had and loved).

The jewelry mode is high gain all the time, which is great if your going after tiny targets, but I've found that if you can pump up in the DE mode (lack of interference) you can reduce sensitivity (25 to 30) and go straigt to JE mode and it will be more sensitive, and quite stable at depth. If you like All Metal mode, it has one of the best (with seperate options than the Disc options, great for flipin).

As mentioned before this unit is very similar to the MXT, but has all the extras (Lighted console, target depth on the fly, ground balancing on the fly, manual ground balancing digitaly, Iron meter on all modes, not just in prospecting mode, Notching, and seperation) that you would appreciate if you were stepping up to a better model. This is not to mention the light weight and the extended time on the batteries.

Like most top of the line machines you can turn it on and go, or you can tweak it for performance. The MXT was never a quiet machine by any means, and I run most of my machines (Eagle, XLT, MXT, Infinium, Explorer II) at the performance edge and each one act's up more then the other, but they're all made to run on the ragged edge if you can stand the noise (and you learn the deep iffies with time). With targets dug to date at excess of 13 inches and with only weeks to understand the TID and audio signals, I'll have to admit this is quite the machine if your not confused by it.

I think most of the returns were do to operator error, over the malfunctioning units scenario. This I do have to blame First Texas for not taking into account that the knowledge that was needed to be passed on that should have assisted they're customers was not readly available. If anyone would have went into purchasing this unit blindly they would have thought they had a malfunctioning unit (I've tweaked it enough to get some crazy reactions). This is a great machine and well worth the investment. I have no hidden agenda, I'm not an employee for Fisher, and a couple of weeks ago, I would have had you pick up an MXT. If you live within a hundred miles, you don't need one, everyone else, The F75 is worth having!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The Fisher F75, One HOT Detector!

May 18, 2008
I have been a metal detectorist for 30 years now and have used many different brands. When it comes to detecting technology I stay very open minded, always willing to try something different.

The F75 is the something different I have been searching for for so many years. Before it came out most of the detectors on the market were just using old technology, and repackaging it. Well that only works for so long, then people start to figure it out.

The engineers at First Texas want out on a limb on this one, and I am glad they did. The F75 is full of great features, light weight, only 3.5lbs, double D coil, long battery life, backlit display, large easy to read numbers, selectable tones, manual and trigger ground balance, four process modes, and it ID's in all metal. That is just to name a few.

As the title of my review says, it is one hot detector. In most cases you cannot run it with sensitivity at full bore, and it was designed that way. This detector has hyper sensitivity, in most cases in my mineralised soil I can only get it up to 60 to 65 out of 100, and still obtain phenomenal depth and results.

Many detectorists won't admit it, but they don't understand sensitivity on a detector, they think the detector HAS to be at maximum sensitivity to get the best depth and results. WRONG! What you have to do is understand what the best setting are for the area you are hunting or you will not get good results. Too high of settings result in endless chatter and jumpy displays, also target masking. Adjusted properly you will be surprised at the results. For one example, in a very trashy area I had to set my sensitivity at 30 (out of 100) to get it stable and still pulled a tiny three piece officers cuff button at 7" plus amongst the trash. Then moments later a coat size one at 7-8".

Proper ground balance also has a huge effect on results, and this needs to be set properly, sometimes even every 15 minutes of detecting.

The F75 is not for a person who is too lazy to read the manual, and tips, and reviews. It is VERY easy to use once understood. I believe some people may have some trouble in their soil if VERY highly mineralised, and still fewer may recieve a unit with a glitch in the circuitry. More commonly there are folks who are just plain too lazy to learn thier detector, then write a poor review on it. This happens with all brands and makes of detectors, not just the F75. Actually I am glad there are people who don't like it, they will go back to the old technology and the guys who know how to use their F75's will clean up the goodies behind them.

The bottom line is you have to find what works best for you in your soil. If you are ready for a hot detector, then give the F75 a try.

In closing I just want to say KUDOS to the First Texas engineers!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher F75

May 14, 2008
Fisher F75 is an excellent detector, great depth of detection. I had 17 various detectors but Fisher F75 is one of the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher labs is gone

April 27, 2008
Build quality gives a whole new meaning to cheap. For 1000.00 you would expect a lot more. I'm done with fisher/first texas.

Overall Rating 1 star


Quality Issues

April 12, 2008
This detector has serious quality issues. Jumpy display and chattery to the point where I will not use it anymore and have pruchased a DFX-300 to solve my problem...and OH it did! Fisher really needs to work on their quality control.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Don't be afraid to back the throttle down!

February 04, 2008
By design, the F-75 is capable of running far to "hot" at the higher sens. settings. Some detectorist are of the mindset that they have to run a machine all out to get any depth. With this machine, that is not the case. Most complain of erratic behavior, most of the time I believe it is due to operator error rather than machine quirks. But most won't admit that. Not to say that there aren't some problematic machines out there, which is the case with all makes and models. Overall I think this is as close as a do it all detector if the time is taken to learn what each function is for and when and when not to employ. Having used all of the top seeds of machines from all makes, I think the F75 has raised the bar by which all other detectors will be judged. I rate a detector by its performance and my finds. Yes, I would love to see this machine built like a tank, but then it would weigh 5 or 6 pounds and loose the balance, so to me it's a trade off. If you are a seasoned detectorist you will get along fine with the f75, if you are new to the hobby, it will take a little longer to get a grip on it. Either way, it is a killer machine in most applications. Well worth the price. JMHO

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Hands down the best I have ever used....

February 03, 2008
I have used and owned the 75 for close to 10 months now,and can honestly the best, deepest, and fastest detector I have ever used, bar none.
Ergonomics are superb, as is battery life. I see a number of reviewers have rebuffed First Texas about build quality concerns, but I've had only one problem, and I USE this machine. a LOT. I have literally hundreds of hours on it now, in fields......woods, name it, and it has performed flawlessly. I DONT baby my machines......and if it has survived ME...then its a lot tougher than a lot give it credit for. Actually, the ONLY thing I didnt like about it was the arm cup, but I installed one I liked, and it feels just fine now. I also broke one trigger.....but First Teaxs addressed that with a new more robust trigger, and its been fine since.
Performance is awesome. Explorer like depth, but MUCH faster and better separation. Its biggest strength is in heavy iron though, as it has lightning fast recovery, as has enabled me to make many many recoveries from areas I had thought pretty much worked out.
I've used it in about 10 states now........ranging from Arizona/Nev to the New England states...and Ny State down to Fla, and havent yet to find an area it didnt like. It handles bad VA ground very very well....and all metal operation is smooth as silk.
I like the easy to use intuitive interface, and the ability to swing it all day without fatigue, due to its best in the industry balance and ergonomics. I see a few here in this site have trashed is pretty badly.... You ARE entitled to you opinion...........but I dont feel opinions are valid until one has put enough time and effort into a machine to really really get to know it. a few days or weeks just isnt enough. I had a few reservations at the beginning, but perservered, and now you couldnt pry it out of my hands. Virtually everyone I know that is using the 75 right now (and has put the time into it to REALLY get to know it) is very very happy with its performance. NO machine is perfect........but I think the 75 comes closer than any I've used so far. Being a high performance machine, it takes experience and time to master its language, but if one is willing to TAKE that time, the rewards are very good. My finds have at least doubled since getting the F75 (ask anyone who hunts with me) :) All in all.....I give the 75 the highest rating I've ever given a machine, mostly because for me....its all about performance. The 75 simply puts more goodies in my pouch, period.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Still loving mine after 9 months

January 23, 2008
Gee. For all the comments about how many "used F-75s are flooding the market" there are zero on ebaY at the moment. Just added a Sun Ray FX-1 probe to mine and will be getting the new 6.5" coil this spring.

I've stopped using much discrimination or any notch and let the TID tell me which hits to dig. Depth is greater with less masking. You can also turn the sensitivity higher if you keep the discrimination down. If it gets too noisy in the parks I notch out foil or search in bottlecap mode.

For people who read instruction manuals and practice it is a wonderful detector. For the rest - they seem to sell fast! ;-)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Finding them deep

October 30, 2007
I'am pulling coins out of the ground 10" to 12" in flood irrergated lawns that I known whites have sweeped before. And pulling up Morgans, barber dimes,and V nickels. The battery life is great,getting 30hrs. And the detector is light.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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