Fisher F-75

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.00
Based on 95 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.93
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.47
Maximum detection depth

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What i like in a detector

June 30, 2007
What i like in a detector. Is a machine i can turn on and not listen to what i would call excessive chatter. such as the 75. and not have to make excuses for the thing. such as it makes alot of noise because its so sensitive. and you cant turn the sensitivity past 10. in one area. you cant turn it on and use near cell phones. big buildings. radios. etc and on and on and on. its big selling point was how much better it would be than the t-2. interference wise. but the t-2 i had was much better than my 75. it did not have to be out in the boonies to operate. but it was another machine i did not care for. to sum up what i want to say is for a thousand should be fantastic. but i get much better results from a x-terra 70 or a whites m-6 or a cz-3d and many others. what i like in a detector is one i turn on and it just works. and operates smooth no excuses. no build quality issues.

Overall Rating 1 star


Not a good coin hunter

June 23, 2007
So many rave reviews. but not what i thought it would be. This thing is supposed to be working in the iron, but I don't see it. Static noise, crazy jumping display. I could not pull one decent target out of my stand by spots. Dug lots of iron + alum can slaw not one high tone until I switched to another detector.

Some guys on the forums say this is the best detector out there, I wont use his real name [will fagg] must be paid by first texas or something, because this thing is not so good. Demo this machine before buying. In an area with some modern trash. Relic hunters seem to do better with this one. Not what one would want in a park. One thing I have noticed alot of 75s and t-2s for sale, so its not just me.

Overall Rating 1 star



June 22, 2007
lots of noise. likes bottle caps.seems very fragile especially thin plastic faceplate cover. and power supply box for batteries under cuff. this really takes away from its looks also should be inside control box like xterra. also it was so hyped up that i was expecting super depth that it did not seem to have. but this is only the new fishers. first machine.if they work on it maybe in a couple years they will have somthing. not the worst detector i have used but far from great.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher F75 Thoughts

June 18, 2007
Over the last five years i've tried most top line machines, none of them managed to replace my old favourite the MXT based on "finds rate", well not until the Fisher F75 came along.

The F75 is a very powerful machine and the sensitivity needs setting carefully for best performance, the controls and setup of this machine are a pleasure to use, one of the best systems i've used on a detector, so far i've found the PF processing mode and 2F tones work best for the conditions on my sites (plenty of iron), in tests i did the Pf mode also gave me the best depth and stability, although JE mode is possibly better for the small finds but seems more prone to interference with it's high gain.

I found it a nicely balanced machine you could swing for long periods, one niggle is the "spokes" on the coil, when working wet ground they tended to gather and hold the mud on top of the coil making it hard work unless you cleaned it off every so often, obviously no problem on the dry ground.

I usually use the discim set to 0 as this gives the best depth for me, i noticed raising it to 6 you do lose several inches of depth, so i try to go no higher than 4 and only go to 6 if i'm picking up plenty of interference, amazing how a setting of 6 cuts any chatter to a minimum.

A top class machine if the sensitivity is set sensibly for the conditions, you do not lose a lot of depth by reducing it, a test i did showed the machine only lost two inches between a sens setting of 99 and 55, raising the discrim loses much more depth than lowering the sens i found.
Thanks to first texas for this well thought out machine, ideal for hunting those low conductive hammered coins here in the uk.

Good Hunting.....Roger

Overall Rating 5 stars!



June 07, 2007
im sorry but this machine is a total waste of time ,just awful seems all the hype on how good it is was is tosh,and i fell for it ,complete waste of money,discrim is just awful,and ive found the machine to be irratic at times.cant wait to unload this machine,so i can go buy something decent.should have stuck with my xp goldmaxx.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Kudos to Fisher for the F-75

May 23, 2007
Well I?m glad I used a more interactive media than these reviews or I might have ended up with a different detector. I?ve owned my F-75 just one week, but that time includes the Spring Fun-Hunt put on by my detecting club.

The controls are brilliant. On/Off & Volume on the battery case up at your elbow. A single push button to advance the menu pointer one step and a knob to increase or decrease settings. The display is split into two columns, Discrimination vs. All Metal, so you only have to advance through half as many options ? use the knob while in the title bar at the top to chose the column you want. All routine options are written on the display, so you don?t have to carry the manual with you. A couple (like moving between the seven available frequencies or restoring the factory defaults) are button w/trigger and you?ll just have to remember.

Yeas: 40 hours on a set of AA Alkaline, 3.5 lbs all up weight, nicely balanced, easy to use. Good, solid coil to shaft attachment knobs. DD coil with 11? footprint on 6? width. Handy for poking in tight spots in STAT mode. Backlit display. Comes with rain covers and F-Point pinpointer.

Nays: Three piece shaft has some ?flex? when sweeping fast or encountering saplings/weeds. Faceplate is thin. This can be remedied with a PDA screen protector overlay from Office Max. Hard to read some of the display comments with bifocals (small lettering). Coil looks like a flounder skeleton.

As a ?close and play? unit I rate it very high. I was able to dig 9 clad coins and ZERO trash at a local park for the first time out (on my lunch break the day after I received it) and using factory default settings plus 55 discrimination level with 35 (nickels) notched in. My Minelab Musketeer Advantage (my detector for the past three plus years) would have had me digging two pulltabs and screw caps to every coin in that same park along with lots of foil.

I tried some ?tough? spots at the park near my workplace (I hunt there on my lunch-hours) and was able to find a quarter INSIDE of the metal monkey bars and coins at the base of metal ladders. Powerlines and a busy road just a Frisbee toss away and I had none of the snaps, crackles and pops the Southern Gentlemen seem to have experienced. I also start low and set my sensitivity up while listening to the ground where I will be hunting. Not in my kitchen days before a hunt. Deepest target I have dug to date was in the white sand at a volleyball court. Read a low 38 (tabs/trash) but the depth said 16?(!) I dug it just to see what it was. At 14? (two Lesche blade lengths) I found a 7/8? glob of mashed and twisted wire (aluminum ground wire maybe?).

The F-75 reads fast enough that I got a consistent 45 to 53 and 53 to 45 repeatable sweep (?de-dip, dip-de?) over what turned out to be a .30-06 cartridge case. The neck read 45 and the base 53.

At the Spring hunt? No interference from nearby detectors (I did mess up an older Garrett, or so I was accused ? so I moved and kept away). I found $1.45 in silver (six coins), next best I spotted for quantity was five dimes (hey, it was a free hunt for members, we?re low budget) and I didn?t see anyone else who did as well, though an MXT user trounced us all for copper cent-sized tokens. He?d locate and pocket two in the time it takes me to hunker down and spot the coin in my bifocals. Kids. He was also the one who got the five dimes.

I wrap my coil wire tight (a wobbly cable is moving metal and therefore a target to the coil). I use the best headphones I can afford (Detector Pro Black Widows and Rattlers), ground balance frequently and I don?t carry a cell phone or an ?on? pinpointer ? all sources of EM signals. Another trick for silent running is to use the two-second FASTGRAB ground balance and then switch into all metal mode and add two to the number. (i.e. from 75 up to 77). This makes a very silent search mode as it eliminates the falsing caused by the little and almost inevitable lift at either end of the sweep. You can also manually ground balance it slightly positive. That is tune to allow just a small increase in signal volume when you push the coil towards the ground.

If you are befuddled by the flow of information the unit is passing on to you, switch to 2F (two tones) and discriminate up to Tabs (55) and then notch in Nickels (I use 35 which notches in both high and low Nickel ranges; 26 through 35). Runs nice and quiet in my park. I like the delta pitch as the high tones really wake me up. Once you hear a 50ยข silver in delta pitch you?ll want to download that siren?s song for your cell ring tone.

I have no beaches, salt saturated sand or black sand to worry about. Perhaps that is the difference with my results. I did my research and chose the right detector for my needs, wants and personality.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Fisher labs is back! !!!!!

May 18, 2007
The f-75 was worth every penny i saved up to get her! I sold a couple heavy- outdated units and couldnt believe how light this baby is! Even with a 10 inch DD coil. I now see why everyone wants one. This baby is soooooooo sensitive for both relic and coin! especially in the jewelry mode! Deepest disk mode I ever used. As soon as I heard David Johnson was involved with this I hoped he could help fisher get back to their glory days of the CZ + 1265-66 era- when they was #1. This detector has the potential to put them back on top. I had to wait as they was on back order- but right away i began pulling tiny items out of spanked to death sites! Deep as I want to dig is best way to describe. Had it working well on the beach to.
Not sure why this site lets people make false posts below? One dude in FL posts twice- why is that allowed? Shouldnt it be 1 per person? Maybe I'll post ten 5 star reviews then. The only other guy who disliked the F75 showed his obvious ajenda by telling people to buy a a Tesoro instead:( Overlook the adjendas and try one for your self! Or maybe you shouldnt or every site might be hunted out soon!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Simply one of the best I've ever used...

May 01, 2007
I've used a lot of detectors over the years, and all of them had something good to offer. The problem was that generally none of them offered "everything". It's a big game of "give and take". The F-75 thus far has offered the most "complete package" for me. I'm a old coin hunter, and clad shooter.

Here's what the F-75 does that I like:
*Light weight, ergonomic design = less fatigue
*incredible battery life on 4 AA's
*Great depth and target separation
*Large display with great user information (depth, ferrous levels, battery level, TID, quick reference icons, etc.
*Trigger for pinpoint and Fastgrab ground balance.
*VCO type pinpointing for quick and accurate target location.
*Notching system for notching out unwanted items, and notching in items below the discrimination level.
*Great in iron! I've dug less unwanted iron with this detector than any other.
*I love the different process modes for different conditions/needs as well as the multitude of different audio modes.

I have found the F-75 to be an outstanding high performance metal detector. I've already dug 3 rings with it, as well as several old coins from my hard hit sites. I've not ran into the issues the folks giving it "1 star" have, so I don't know if they have an agenda or were genuinely having some isolated incident. However, I like it! New hobbyists be warned: This is a HOT machine! It's like a high performance sports car... if you always keep the gas pedal on the floor board, you're gonna have problems! (However, the horsepower is there if you want it!)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not for me

May 01, 2007
i think that 2 weeks was ample time for me to decide that i did not care for this detector.maybe this is geared more towards relic hunters. and not a park and beach hunter like myself. other than the unstable noise making that others had. i had a real problem with bottle caps that sound and register as quarters. even in bottle cap process many still sound good .this is alot of extra digging on dry sand of beach. there were many other quirks that icould mention but will leave it at that. for me the 3-d and edge are much better for my type of hunting.hope i have offended no one but this is only my opinion.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Very Nice, Very Capable......Hot!

May 01, 2007
I like it. A very powerful and capable machine. Unbelievably fast response time/speed, killer target seperation, very light and ergonomically pleasing. Super battery life w/4AA's. I use reachargables. I sold my CZ70 to purchase my F75 and I don't regret it. The CZ is dated and heavy, a great detector but.... When the smaller coil becomes available for the F75 I don't think there will be any other detectors that can touch it.
PS For the unbelievers and new owners if you want a silent search machine your going to have to back off the sensitivity until you adapt. I'll bet you don't keep the reins pulled back on this work-horse long!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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