Garrett AT PRO

Price: $700
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.92
Based on 142 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.29
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.41
Maximum detection depth

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All Weather Machine AT Pro

October 15, 2011
I would just like to say that Garrett here in the UK has not had that much of a following, but to be fair there latest AT PRO being waterproof/ submersible is a brilliant innovation for those of us that don't mind detecting when the weather is wet and raining, there is no other VLF machine other than dedicated dive machines, that has this quality.
Even with so called rain jackets, you cant use VLF machines in wet rainy conditions even with a plastic bag over the control box, you will get condensation.

I wish other manufacturers would make some thing similar or the same all (weather machines)!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Garrett Customer Service

September 30, 2011
I've owned the AT Pro for about 7 months. I am very pleased with the machine and noticed a substantial increase in finding quality targets and eliminating trash.

What impresses me the most is Garrett's customer service. The button on my Garrett Pro Pointer broke about 4 month ago. I mailed the unit back with a brief description and they made the repair quickly and returned the unit within 10 days under warranty.

The search coil on my AT Pro recently failed. I called customer service, spoke with a real person, and shipped the coil back to Garrett. Again, within 10 days, they sent me a replacement coil. No hassles and they were very apologetic.

I am very impressed with Garrett's customer service and willingness to stand behind their products. Great machine, great company.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Learn your machine. This one is AWESOME!

September 16, 2011
Don't believe the bad reviews. This machine is worth the money and more.
For starters, the standard coil is great for separating the good targets from trash. It took me a couple of weeks to understand how fast to swing to accomplish this every time. Now, I can pick a coin out of a handful of trash signals.
It's FANTASTIC on gold, but you have to dig it!!! No detector will hand you gold but MANY will miss it. This machine will beep if gold is under the coil. Even small gold.
It can get you a dime at 8 inches but you have to understand the effect ground balance has on depth.
It is submersible and it can hunt in the rain without a worry.
This is a serious detector that's very easy to use. If you don't want to learn anything, stick to starter detectors, you will be happier but you'll never graduate to the really good stuff.
Also, if you get a defective unit, return it and get a new one. Getting a defective unit says nothing about the capabilities of the machine.
Ignore the bad reviews here. Some are even from people who have not used this machine!! Come on!
Spend thousands if you have that kind of cash on a metal detector. $600 dollars will buy you an AT Pro and you'll soon be a Pro.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


So pleased I upgraded

September 14, 2011
Hi all. I have only been detecting for a year now. Due to budget restraints I nearly got the ace 150 but pushed my budget a bit higher and started with an ace 250. Brilliant machine and have found lots of coins and junk to boot!
I bumped into a guy on the beach and he had a whites dfx 300 and was pulling up loads, he had no lie a pocket full of jewelery he had pulled up. I was a wee embarrassed as all I had was a few fishing weights and a lot of bottle tops which always ring up as coins. Fair to say when we finished talking I was up for getting a whites as I have saved up. I looked into it and saw one, but blimmy it looks complicated!!
Watched loads of you tube videos on it which I recommend you do then came across the at pro international. I initially thought it was just an ace 250 glorified but I kept watching those you tube videos and it changed my mind. I received my at pro from Frank (thanks) and tried the pro mode.... Eeeek I thought I can't understand any of these noises. So I went back to standard mode. Picked up the same sort of things as ace 250, so I thought I have to learn this pro mode and just listened to the noises, I soon picked it up after a couple of hours.

Now, what I am about to say sounds real strange but I can now tell the size of the object , I can even see the size in my head as it's amazing when you finally get in tune with it. I can tell a bottle cap before I dig, but just to check I know the machine was right every time.
I can tell by noise if it's on the surface, I can tell weather it's deep. I went out last night and found so much money ( modern which I can spend:-)) and a hand full of jewelry. A wave even hit the machine and I was worried but should not of been as it's built like a tank ( much better than the ace) and waterproof which the whites isn't. Only thing I would love is a light as I love doing beach hunting at night after the peeps go home!
love it , so happy, get one!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Awesome Coin Finder

August 31, 2011
I have been detecting for 6 months. I started with a Fisher F2 and then bought a Etrac when I saw on the Youtube videos that most of them were using Etracs, so I bought one. Have not been happy with the Etrac. Hard detector to use and did not find many coins. So I bought an AT Pro and hunted with it last evening (8/30/11) for the first time.

Wow, I was shocked at how easy it was to use and the number of coins that I was finding. I found 23 mixed coins in 3 hours and I had never found anything like that with the Etrac. Don't waste your money on an Etrac when you can get an AT Pro for half the price and I believe you will find many more coins with it. As a matter of fact you will be seeing my Etrac on Ebay in the very near future. I never plan to use it again.

Overall Rating 4 stars


5 Star review by a skeptic!

August 26, 2011
Garrett stands behind their product! The new AT Pro released in Fall 2010 has been a great machine for me thus far, I had the falsing issue, but it still did a great job of going deep and finding goodies in the 8 inch level that my V3, DFX and even E-Trac had missed.... Or maybe it was me that missed them??? But with the AT-Pro I have recovered more targets than ever before, many of which were beyond 6 inches.

Coupled with Garretts awesome warranty and service it is a great detector and experience.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


AT Pro is best in class!

August 15, 2011
Greetings. I've been metal detecing for over 25 years now and have owned a total of 8 different machines, some of which retailed for over $1500.00.

What most people are missing when discussing ANY metal detector is what class is it in? You simply cannot compare a $1500 machine to a $600.00 machine! The AT Pro lists for around $599.00 and for that kind of money I will have to say that the AT Pro is the best machine for that price range hands down!

The features that are found on the AT Pro far out distance any other machine in the $599 range. Add that the machine can operate in up to 10' of water well that says it all.

I've read all of the negative comments in this forum and have identified most negative comments as User Issues. The AT Pro is not a run and gun machine although it is pretty close. It requires the user to ACTUALLY read the manual, especially the section on ground balance. A properly set up AT Pro is an unbelievable machine and should provide acurate metal detecing for years to come.

Overall Rating 4 stars


A deep seeking trash weeding demon !!

July 25, 2011
Got this gem after "cutting my teeth" on a scorpion for 8 months a great detector but a specialty detector.....
The AT pro is a snap to learn. Both ground balancing styles {manual and auto} are easy!! All modes are quick to learn, in pro mode its noisy but you can limit this noise by utilizing the notch disc and iron audio, truly amazing features!!!

Pinpointing feature was tricky for me to learn due to the detectors curved search field, but I got the hang of it. Lots of info is thrown your way during the hunt esp in pro mode and I think this frustrates many people, just be patient and hone your technique and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!! I felt the trouble shooting guide helped me much in the short learning curve.

The detector paid for itself the second day as I searched behind an old community hall close by in a trashy area that my scorpion struggled with, amongst the crackles of foil and the bottle cap rolling audio I got a clear tone and unearthed a 14k university grad ring class of 1971, a big heavy chunk of gold!!! Amazed bystanders crowded around as I yelled with delight! T
his baby seeks quite deep as I am unearthing targets over a foot!! Buy it !! Learn it, be patient and you'll fall in love with the AT pro as I have !

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Unhappy in Oceanside, CA

July 24, 2011
I bought the detector when it first came out with gusto. That gusto soon diminished to utter disappointment. I like many had to send it back (the coil was the problem they said). All I can say about this machine is as a female it is more light weight than other detectors BUT.....When taking it near the water it has a mind of it's own so I wouldn't recommend it at all. I was down at the beach this morning giving it one more try and it would not shut up. False signals and just a pain. I am sticking with my Whites!

Overall Rating 1 star


Found more coins & rings and less crap.

July 21, 2011
The At Pro is a fine machine. Easier to use than the "twice as much" detector I owned from another well known company. It's had some issues -- but Garrett has stood behind the product and made sure the issues have been addressed. My other director had to be sent back to the factory, too. Also, I don't need a degree in rocket science to operate the AT Pro.
Careful what you buy! You'll spent more time making adjustments than actually hunting. This machine is a great balance between effective discrimination and depth etc. and ease of operation. Garrett has a winner on their hands and, like any new product, the bugs are being worked out -- QUICKLY.
P.S. Garrett customer service is THE BEST!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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