Garrett AT PRO

Price: $700
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.92
Based on 142 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.29
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.41
Maximum detection depth

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Love it!!

February 13, 2012
Have had my new at pro for 1 month now. Absolutely love it. Irritated a little in the beginning with all the noises, but after figuring out the ground balance and discrimination settings, my ears have picked up on all the tones, and am now having a blast with it. Still learning, but everyday it gets a little easier.
Replaced my garrett ace 350 with the pro, and the ace is now my backup, and by the way the ace 350 is also a very good and fun detector. Practice makes perfect, and I cant wait till the weather breaks, and I am able to go out and do some serious detecting!!!

Overall Rating 4 stars


Love it

February 11, 2012
I have owned the AT Pro since Christmas. This is my first detector, and I can't believe how much I've found so far. So far I love it, and I can only think of two things that keep it from getting a 5 star rating:
1) no back light
2) should have a standard headphone connector so you could use other brands of headphones without having to buy the adapter.
Other than that, I love it!

Overall Rating 4 stars


AT Pro International

February 08, 2012
I've had my AT Pro International for 9 months and amongst a lot of other stuff like pre decimal copper coins, bits of spurs, and a very large number of lead fishing weights on the beach, the AT Pro has found :

4 x Edward I pennies 1279 to 1037
1 x John cut quarter penny 1216?
1 x Edward III Groat 1334-1335
1 x Charles I silver half crown 1645-1646
1 x William III sixpence 1697
1 x Victoria 6d 1891
3 x George III penny and halfpenny
2 x Medieval spindle whorls
Several crotal bells
6+ Tudor buckles
Lots of 18th/19th C buckles
60+ Musket balls
100+ buttons

So, I think the AT Pro International has done a good job for me over the last 9 months. Definitely if you walk over it the AT Pro WILL find it. Good value for the money and I'm not thinking of changing it anytime soon.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I Love my AT Pro

February 05, 2012
I got my at pro for xmas last year(xmas of 2011) and I got a few chances to try it out before the ground froze. This thing will find a penny at 10+ inches deep! So far I have not found any silver with it, but all through this winter I've been doing my research and scoping out places to hunt. I absolutely love this machine! I have no fear of getting it wet or being caught in a rain storm because its waterproof to 10 feet!

It only took me a few hunts to start to understand what it was telling me. The at pro comes with a awesome tip book called relic quest, before reading it I was not digging pennies, but after reading it I learned that indian heads come up real close! Ive even heard this does great on gold but u just gotta dig it! I ordered the machine from bigboyhobbies and Bart gave me a great deal, I also just ordered the 5x8 coil and a Garrett propointer too!

If you're looking for a great all around detector the Garrett at pro is for you, with its amazing depth, sensitivity and how accurate its LCD screen is this detector is for!!!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Keeping this one and selling rest

February 05, 2012
I have only had this machine a couple of months before winter hit but I am sold on it..The way it lets you know a good signal for me is 10 stars...I searched a real trashy area and this machine picked out the goodies with no problem...even found could pin point them better with the tip in trash areas. So I have a couple other machines for sale if anyone is interested (HaHa)...


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Pissed off in Ny

January 29, 2012
The AT pro sucks!!!!!

It can't find it's own shadow...... I have tried to like it but it keeps on proving it self wrong...... Have ground balanced and when it is not moving it is ringing more then it does when it finds something .....or it doesn't work at all and goes silent even when there is a target........ What the Hell!!!!!

Overall Rating 1 star


At pro

January 22, 2012
I have had at pro for a week found more in that week than found with etrac in six months great machine.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


AT Pro International

January 01, 2012
First of all HAPPY 2012 to the world....
In my last post I shared what I found in 1 week.
my final update of findings till December 30 2011.

Total of 6 Gold rings
8 Silver rings
2 Gold Bracelets
8 Silver coins(Old)
2 watches
3 pendants(Not sure what kind of metal)
159 Euro's in coin money

350 WW2 Bullets(ardennes)
1 German Helmet(bad condition)
4 Nazi belt buckles
7 M-1 Garand clips with ammo
1 Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44)
3 US ID Tag's

And of course a lot of junk+pulltabs.....
So Once again I love my AT Pro International.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


AT Pro Undecided

November 28, 2011
After reading all the various reviews I think it's important to give any detector a couple of months to bed in. I've now had my AT Pro for a month and am only now getting used to it's various noises.
For the money it's great value and if the coins are there it'll find them. On various Sunday outings to farmers fields I've yet to fail to come away with coins.
As to if the minelabs are better at finding hammered silver coins I'll let you know in 12 months time.
Remember practice makes perfect!

Overall Rating 3 stars


AT Pro International

November 12, 2011
After receiving my AT PRO International last week, I decided to put up a review.
Day 1- 25 Euro's in coins. Not bad for my first day.
Day 2- junk and 1 silver ring.
Day 3- Nothing due to bad weather
Day 4- very bad weather...
Day 5- 3 silver coins dated 1850-1939-1962.
Day 6- 2 gold rings and 13 euro's in coins.

So looking back 1 week.....Excellent finds with the AT Pro International, Great depth in pro mode.
I had to get use to the beep sounds, but got a hang of it.
I bought the machine for 699 euros, and it is different than the US Model.
A great beginners machine but also good for the Pro's.
I have owned the Ace 250, but this baby has it all.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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