Whites MXT Tracker

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.63
Based on 90 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.40
Maximum detection depth

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MXT Tracker

October 30, 2007
Bought it 2 years ago.
Found me a lot of very old coins - this machine really likes the silver stuff.
There a some new machines on the market but I won't sell my MXT

Overall Rating 4 stars



October 05, 2007
I have had my mxt for about a year. i have not used it very much except for in my test garden. i have many things buried in there, from wheats to silver dimes, to iron pop tops etc. i also have buried at 31 inches a n old car hub that is iron is about 10 to 11 inches wide and round like a plate and it is round. my mxt can find it at 31 inches deep. it is a fact.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT Close to perfect

August 26, 2007
This is a great multi purpose detector it has great depth and is very fun to use. I have the 6x10 DD coil on mine and it is about as sweet a combination that I have ever had. If you hunt for coins and relics then you have no choice but to get a MXT it will not let you down.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT (my first detector)

August 26, 2007
I am new to detecting and did not want to buy a cheap machine and waste money. I bought an mxt, some say I should have started with an ace 250 but I do want to look for gold in New Mexico thats another reason I bought the MXT.

Well I haven't made it there yet but have been in the parks and such and its been working great no problems as of yet. I would recommend it to anyone starting out. I know there are other machines and I am sure they are great I mean there is always bigger and better but I do believe with the ease of use this is a good starter detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Confidence With The MXT

August 15, 2007
I've been metal detecting for 28 yrs. and have owned a variety of detectors. I was shopping around for the most sensitive machine available. I have owned 3 different Garrett detectors and was leaning towards whatever Garretts had to offer in the $1000.00 range. After a long conversation with a local dealer who dealt with Whites also he was ready to sell me a Garrett but kept insisting that the MXT was a superior machine. I relented as I would also be saving myself $200.00 and purchased the MXT. I'll say that I'm very happy that I went with the MXT as it is the best detector I've ever purchased. For superior depth and sensitivity to coins,relics and jewelry you can't beat it provided you learn how to use it. I don't care about all the other reviews that it's a noisy machine. Learn to adjust it. If your going to find deep and small objects you need a sensitive machine such as the MXT. Remember practice makes perfect. That's what it takes to realize the superiority of this machine. A good set of headphones will enhance it's performance. Where there's a lot of trash there's treasure. I do fine with the standard 9.5 coil but I've had a lot of experience. This machine easily seperates targets. I love it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT Magic !

May 25, 2007
I've been using the MXT over here in the UK for the last 3 years and on finds rate it is second to none. It picks up the smallest stuff and thats what i need to pick up the tiny half and quarter cut hammered silver coins on my ancient sites. I consistently out-hunt my detecting pals who use a DFX and Explorer II. It is not the deepest machine but recovery speed and good discrimination are much more important on our iron-laden sites and in these areas its as good as any. (I'm keeping an eye on the new Fisher F75 but it will need to be something special to make me part with my MXT!)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Plug & Play

May 21, 2007
I've had my MXT about a month. Although this is an advanced metal detector, the absolute novice will be finding coins and treasure just minutes after you turn it on.

Although this is a simple detector for the novice, it's also a superior machine for the advanced user as well. You can use it anywhere and for anything from coins and relics to gold. It is one of the best "all around" instruments that you can purchase. Once you've had it for a while and have read the manual, you may want to purchase the book called "The MXT Edge" by Jeff Foster. In easy to understand language, he gets a great more detailed in the operation of this unit. It will help you more fully understand the capabilities of the detector and how to most efficentlly use it as a tool.

I did about 60 days of research before getting this detector and dollar for dollar, it's probably the best on the market. You just can't go wrong.

Overall Rating 4 stars


MXT - You Can't Go Wrong

May 15, 2007
I am a former Minelab Sovereign owner (it was stolen a few years ago) and was seriously considering purchasing another Minelab. However, after reading numerous reviews I very hesitantly and hopefully bought an MXT from a local dealer.

After two weeks (with about ten hours use) I am happy to report that the positive reviews I read were spot on! The MXT is a coin magnet. I've pulled over 50 coins from the local dirt. This afternoon I pulled three 40's-50's era foreign coins from my own backyard while my wife was on the phone with her sister!

If you are looking for an all-around detector, get an MXT. You have a visual display for target reading, depth and iron content. Pinpointing is easy. Battery life is outstanding (mine is still "11/12")... You can't go wrong.

Minelab makes a good detector, but White's has definately earned my business from now on. My compliments.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT all the way

April 30, 2007
Well if you read my last review on the Whites mxt......It sums it up. I just purchased a Minelab Explorer SE......Rumor say, The Minelab is the best ever........A group of us went out last Sat and I was getting depresed with the Minelab...The thing sounded like I was in an arcade......I found nothing but being upset. I am sure this maching will do great as soon as I learn it and I need to give it more time......The Whites MXT., Last week found me a $6000.00 platinum ring with diamonds and I sold it to a local jewler for around $1200.00......The MXT has paid for itself plus the Minelab........The minelab had better produce something soon.......I am sure it will.....Any one that is new to this hobbie or even if you have been doing this for a while...I would suggest to not purchase a Minelab as your first detector.....(NO WAY) I am not bringing down Minelab at all.........I am almost sure once I have figured the Minelabs out......They will blow anything away.....My friend Dave in Salt Lake City, Utah. just purchased a Minelab last year....And he hates it with a passion. He still uses his good old Garrett grand master hundter 11.......He just needs to learn the machine.....He used my Whites MXT and fell in love with it right off the bat........I think he is going to purchase one soon.......Anyone that is looking for great deals on detectors., Go and talk to Tom at (Metal Detectors of Minneapolis) his number is (612) 721-1901 I am not trying to promote his business, It's just that all of us has been purchasing from him sense the late 80's and he has taken care of us with great prices. Lets see if the Minelabe can do what my Whites can do.....So far, the friends that have a Minelab that has gone out with me was wiped.....MXT>>>>>>>>>ALL THE WAY

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great purchase....the best

March 28, 2007
I have not treasure hunted sense 1990..At that time I was useing a Garrett cx Grand master hunter ll and sold the machine in 1993 and I loved it. March 19th 2007 I received my new dector from Metal detectors of minnneapolis....All I can say is WOW!!.....I am very impressed with the device. I first watch the dvd and went to my back yard and started..My sewer system was dug up last year so I started there.....My first find was a 1920 s penny in good shape worth around thirty seven cents...My second find easly paid for the unit, it was a 1916 d key date dime worth over $1500.00...Note, this was in my back yard. I went to a near by park and did not do so well. I will go back....I would like to say this......THE WHITES MXT IS NOT AT ALL NOISY!!.........Thats a fact. learn to use the machine, the Engineers did a great and wonderfull job for you......If the machine was $1500.00 I would purchase it......I am going nugget hunting next......I would like to say that Garrett makes wonderful machines as well and both companys back up their products 100% plus.........thanx for a great product., MXT A++++ ALL THE WAY.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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