Whites MXT Tracker

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.63
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.40
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Awesome machine!

January 26, 2009
As the title states, this is one truly awesome machine. Yeah it can be noisy and takes some getting used too but once you get the hang of it the finds will keep coming!!. I have had this machine for almost 3 years now and its amazing how well you can learn a machine in that amount of time. You have to understand how to set the machine up to where its steady. If you set the gain to high you will get a bit more chatter and false tones. A lot of ground where I live is decent stuff and I can run my MXT at +2 gain with no problem.

I'll give you the settings I always use and have worked very well for me: Gain at +2, threshhold a slight hum, Disc set to 2 0r 3, relic mode, trigger in center position. These settings may not work as well in your soil so feel free to tweak it to suit your needs. I like to be able to hear all the targets and make the decision from there, which is why I don't use the trigger forward position. Using the settings that I stated above, put a coin on the ground and a nail a couple feet away. That high tone you get from the quarter is what you are looking for, the iron signals give you a low "grunt" sound. You will get the "hot rock" signal from time to time but you should pay attention to these. When you have located a target that is right at the edge of the machines ID capability you get that "hot rock" display. True, sometimes it may be just that...a hot rock. I dont mind hot rock readings one bit, I have dug so many bullets that were hot rock signals, and I would have to say I have dug at least 5 eagle buttons that showed hot rock on the display. The more holes you dig, the better your odds are at finding the goodies.

Dont get me wrong, if its a shallow iron signal and im fairly positive it is indeed iron I leave it alone, but if I have a target that is saying 6 inches down and the signal is "iffy" (bouncing back and forth between a high and low tone) I always dig them! In my opinion you have to learn the sounds of the machine and dont rely solely on the target ID. With all that being said, I will NEVER part with my MXT.

I have another brand detector for a backup but just sold it recently and I do believe I will just buy another MXT as a backup. I feel that good about these machines. Go get ya one!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



December 06, 2008
This is my 3rd detector, my last one, a bounty hunter 505 was very good for the price but the discrimination is just ok. I loved the varied adjustments and simplicity and manual controls so I decided to take the plunge to get a higher quality one. I settled on the mxt, so far I have found it goes deep, loves silver, haven't found gold yet but I believe it will excel in it due to the frequency. The noise dosent bother me, In fact I like being able to hear slight variations.
If you study the manual, watch the Video, and get to know what it is telling you. you will realize the mxt is a excellent buy and should handle vaied conditions. I am looking forward to detect all summer. I think putting labels of items is silly though I think if they wanted to put the feature on, It should give you the best guess as to the metal type instead.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



August 08, 2008
The MXT is by far the best machine to have. I have had it for four years and it gave me the nickname of go deep. Two years ago Whites started using go deep in their ads. Learn the machine by not digging up what you find, play with the settings over that spot, record how it reacts then dig your find.I always hunt an area that I saw someone at, let them clean off the top and GO DEEP

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT 300 - Money Well Spent

July 08, 2008
I just received my MXT 300 to replace my Whites Prizm II. The Prizm is a coin magnet and an excellent choice for the price, but it was time to expand my horizons. I've swept several of the local schools with the Prizm since last summer. I felt confident there was little left to find. That seemed like a perfect test for the MXT in coin and jewelry mode. As far as setup goes, I followed the Whites instructions and will fine tune settings as I get more familiar with the machine.

As expected, the swept areas had few shallow coins, but the MXT was picking up solid reads up to a foot down. I was out of probe and coin popper range, but the MXT pinpointed coins perfectly. I was able to keep the digging damage to a minimum and still pull up some nice finds. To me, leaving a field intact is really important. In a week, I've only found one wheatie, but lots of deep clad. The machine has the depth and targeting I was looking for. Finding the good stuff is only a matter of time.

Using the 12' coil in an area with moderate trash requires some pinpointing patience, but it is successful. I will purchase a smaller DD coil, but there's no rush. I read that the MXT is a noisy machine as well. It does talk when it finds a target, but I've already come to trust what the tones are saying about what's in the ground below. It's not noisy to me, just communicating.

I've tried the relic mode out of curiosity, but that's part of the continuing learning curve. There are a few sites to try this on as time allows. I expect good things in this mode as well.

In summary, the Whites MXT 300 is money well spent and detecting well enjoyed. Highly recommended.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT And History

June 08, 2008
I started Detecting over 30 years ago ,And thought I would ad a word or too on the White's MXT,In the New Tech World This HaS To Be one of the Best detector's On the Market Today And I have Used Just about Every Type there is In My Part of the World The Issue is Depth ,I live in Western Pennsylvania I search areas That Pre Date The Revolution ,You need Power The MXT Has it without sounding Like a Arcade,Chattery Yes But Learn The Machine Unlike the One Guy That is on Here Bashing The MXT ,You have not Learned the Machine.The Dates and The Depth of the Coins I find are something else ,I bought This Detector a little over a Month ago and have already Paid For itself,Just yesterday The Find of the Day was a 1817 Large cent at a depth of 11 inches ,years ago that type of depth was never heard of,most 1700's early 1800's coins around here are in this depth range .I get a Kick out of some of these reviews where this Unit isn't good at finding coins BULL well all I can say is Learn the MXT and You too will be amazed at just what this machine can do .Happy Detecting .

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT 300 a great metal detector

June 03, 2008
I bought this metal detector because of this web site. I read every, and I do mean every, review here on Metal Detector Reviews to help me decide what kind of detector I needed. I needed one that does everything since I do not want to buy one detector for beach, one detector for coin-relic, one detector for gold hunting.
There were 3 great metal detectors that made the list; Garrett's 2500, Minelab's x-70, and the White's MXT 300. After reading the reviews here and contacting the manufactures of each metal detector I decided on the White MXT 300 and here are the reasons why.
1. I liked the fact that there were allot of accessories for this model of detector, accessories are important,
2. White went with a new larger, more powerful, standard coil,
3. The White MXT 300 was easy to use as I am a beginner,
4. It has knobs instead of just a computer screen because I will get dirty and I won't want to use the touch screen,
5. There were allot of coils for different applications from different manufactures,
6. It came from a well known manufacturer with a great reputation,
I also must commend Kellyco Metal Detectors. They were great to work with and made the sale easy. This was a gift for me, I like picking out my own gifts, but their sales department was truly my present. I have back problems and they helped me pick all the right accessories for this machine including 2 extra coils. Bonnie was great.
I must also commend White's for sending me the information I requested from them in a timely manner. They were very professional.
As I go out to discover my new hobby I will keep you informed on this web site as you help me to make this informed decision.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT for Prospecting

May 28, 2008
I bought my detector a few months ago to specifically hunt for gold in the Mojave Desert, but also wanted the option to go relic hunting. The area where I live is known for very high ground mineralization, but the MXT does a great job of nulling it out. I have not found any gold yet, but it will pick up the smallest pieces of lead from bullets pretty far down. I am amazed by the small size of the stuff it will find. Being a new detectorist, I am still learning the ropes and the display, but it's everything I wanted in a detector. Hot rocks are a problem here, and the detector will identify them accurately when I place the switch in Relic mode. I love this detector and use it every chance I get.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Machine

April 23, 2008
I am a dedicated Civil War Relic hunter and CAN say that the MXT is IMHO the best detector for my application. I hunt a lot of HOT ground in Central Virginia and the MXT has never let me down.

I also hunt organized hunts and again my MXT has proven itself time and time again. I have made some great finds since I have had my MXT (some are posted on Whites web page).

I have just added the Super 12 coil to my arsenal and it is great.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT is great!

November 17, 2007
The MXT is an EXCELLENT detector.

I bought mine used from a local public park attendant who wanted to get rid of his machine. I was reticent at first because I wondered if there might be something wrong with it; after doing some research which met going to forums and talking to others who have had MXT's, and from people who had bought used equipment, I took the plunge;
I don't regret it! For $300.00 I picked up a great piece of equipment! I called Whites
in Sweet Water OR explaining that I had bought the MXT used and they assured me they almost NEVER have an MXT returned.

The MXT is not complicated. It's really a turn on and go machine, but you need to read the manual and watch the DVD a few times with the detector in your lap; you can go out immediately and metal detect! There is a lot of material but none of it is complicated.

I hunt in the all relic mode. I don't have to but I find it more comfortable. I still pick up everything you would in the coin and jewelry mode. I run with the gain/sensitivity at 9 and sometimes +3 if I can get away with it. If I get too many Hot Rocks I just reduce the gain.

The MXT is great in the public parks but not with the standard 950 coil. I bought a 5.3 coil and another rod to go with it. This makes it easier to change coils without having to undo the plastic nut and bold every time you want to change coils. The 5.3 coil gets great depth depending on the ground.

Recently I took it to an old farm where there had been a house built in the 1930's. The house was gone but I could still see where the steps had been. Unfortunately I did not have a Double D coil. There was a lot of mineralization and junk scattered around; there was a lot of iron from old farm equipment as well. A Double D coil would have made the hunt more productive. I did find a 1943 War Nickel at 5 inches deep.

If you decide to buy the MXT, you might also look at the Excellerator DD coils at Kellyco Metal Detectors. They are expensive but a great addition to your arsenal when you need additional depth, and find yourself up to your you know what in ground mineralization.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



November 09, 2007
I purchased it for myself, but because of the handicap I have.. (Wheelchair Confined) my wife is now addicted to it.. we live in a Civil War district in the South and have found A LOT of Bullets on our property.. Everyday she goes out with it she finds something OLD!! .. Its a GREAT Detector!!! Wish there was a way to detect with her.. but its FUN watching..
any personal questions/comments r_worrilow@yahoo.com
Thank You Whites..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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