Whites MXT Tracker

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.63
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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.40
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MXT IS A++++++

March 18, 2007
Just got my MXT yesterday and after a short review on the hows and whats of this Whites Metal Detector I took it out and within 5 minutes I found 2 quarters, 3 dimes, 3 pennies, and one old gold earring. This was great and I look forward to going out later. I am so glad that I picked the MXT and within time my finds will have paid for it..

Overall Rating 5 stars!


All around Great machine

February 21, 2007
I have been metal detecting for many years, and have used many different brands; moreover, the mxt is my favorite to date. I live in east Tennessee and have used this detector with great success. The mxt has 3 seperate programs for coin- jewerly, relic, and prospecting. It has more power than you could possible ever need to find those smaller pieces of gold, turn on and go features, auto ground balancing, and light weight.

I bought the 6x10dd coil for better coverage, depth, and heavy trash areas. Also an in line target probe that has come in very handy. My first day out on a farm with permission, I found a 1743 colonial coin at 8 inches near the French Broad River. It displayed a vdi of 83! Soon came a couple of clad change, two 1940's standing liberty's, 5 wheaties, and a 1883 Morgan dollar at 5 inches. The Morgan was certified as ms-65. Later in the day I switched over to relic mode, pumped the coil to balance it out, and went to town. I found civil war bullets, buttons, old glass while digging, parts to rifles, 1 buckle, and my best civil war find, 2 lead bullets fused together! Most of these items I will be donating to the local museum for every one to see.

A few weeks later I went to another farm with permission and located an old out house not in use. Lots of old change, bottles, and a silver cross that was certified as 1-1/2 troy ounces of silver. It had a partial name on the back and a date of 1871!

Like I stated earlier, I have used Minelabs, other whites, and a few Garrets. This machine for me has been the most fun to use. It finds coins deeper than 8 inches, and as you can see relics, and jewerly. I will say that with this detector you have to practice before you head out, as with any detector, Understanding the sounds and vdi is key to better recovery.

Some people have posted neg. comments that its too noisy, or they don't believe it can find coins as deep as described by some. You be the judge based on my finds. Looks pretty convincing to me that it finds coins at all depths. As far as being too noisey, I would suggest to any one who has complained, LEARN HOW TO USE THE KNOBS!!! For an all around detecor this machine has the goods!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Terrible Detector

January 20, 2007
The MXT is unbearbly noisy, extremely erratic and is like trying to listen to 3 radio stations at one time. Maybe mine is defective but I bought it new, but there seems to be many people that like it.

Overall Rating 1 star



January 15, 2007
First off let me say to all the folk that put down the mxt.....learn how to use your knobs,its not hard,and the stock coil is also no probs for me as i stay out of trashy sites..iv had mine for 6 mounths and have allready found nugguts at 8 to 10 inch..biggist one to date was 3/4 of a ounce and is now around my neck on a chain..i could say more but will you listen? just bye the mxt you cant go wroung with it for gold coins and rels....just learns your knobs haha....go mxt...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Mxt, One awesome Machine!

January 04, 2007
After many weeks of intense research, the Mxt was the the best unit for my needs. I also purchased the 6x10 dd coil for etra depth, Sunray gold headphones, and a Sunray dx-1 in line target probe. All top of the line. Living in South Jersey with many miles of beaches, and a rich history going back to colonial times I've really put this machine to work for relics and coin's. My first day on the beach with my brother-in-law who by the way got a Minelab Quatro at the same time was very productive. Not only did I find more coin's but the mxt read deeper than his Minelab. The mxt had no problems finding coin's at 10 inche's plus.

A week later we went to Dandridge,Tennessee to vist family and along came my new friend. My first trip out was to a near by area where a civil war engagement took place. With in 20min. I dug my first relic, a bullet from the civilwar at 6 inches. Also found other relics and many coins. I cant stress enough that all of my finds was due to many hours of practice at home with different targets at all depths. Learning all the bells and whistles is inperitive to being the person with or without treasure come days end. This machine is very impresive with lots of power, and ease of use. Anyone who has posted negative coments has not practiced with their mxt. It will run with the best and then some!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A great detector...

January 02, 2007
I mainly relic hunt in Georgia, so this review will be based primarly on that experience. I have been MD'ing for about 3 years and currently own a DFX and ML SE.

I like the MXT - alot, mainly because it is very easy to setup and operate and very effective at what it does. Also it is very predictable as to how the controls are affecting the operation of the machine, it does what you think it should be doing.
The depth reading is apretty darn accurate. It is very sensitive and I find myself toning down the gain to -8 or -9 or right at the tick mark to make it quiet. It will hit on a priming cap at 8" with a solid response and my deepest find is a minnie ball at around 10".
I think the discrimination could be a bit more effective as the area I hunt has much iron trash and I am not quite able to disc out all the junk - but pretty close. It will overload on smallish targets- like 1/4 of an old horsehoe at 3" will overload if on nominal gain.
All in all, it is predictable, easy to setup and operate, easy to learn the tones, it is urgent in its response - oh and it recovers very very quickly. On one 1.5 second swing it will react with two honks at two minnies 5" from each other at around 7 inches deep with contanimation in between.
This is a 'go-to' detector and so far if I could only grab one for my area, this would be it.
Thumbs up for this one - highly recomended.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's MXT

December 24, 2006
In my opinion the MXT is the best multi-purpose detector built.

It is not just a GMT that discriminates. If your desire is to find gold nuggets the GMT is one of the best and it operates at 48 kHz to be better able to detect small sub-grain sized targets.

The MXT operates at close to 14 kHz and will comfortably detect 2-grain nuggets but will not detect the smaller nuggets that a GMT will. BUT, it is a good compromise for anyone not able to afford two different detectors.

As a coin detector the MXT really surprised me and made me retire my trusty old XLT. It is a bit noisy due to the higher operating frequency but as has been mentioned the addition of a DD coil will quiet it down. This should only be required in highly mineralized ground. I have used it on the beaches here in Oregon and not used a DD.

I tend to use it in the ?RELIC? mode most of the time and pay more attention to the audio response and the ?VDI? numbers more than the ?ID? feature. Also I am used to all of the noise that a gold detector makes so I run my gain at +1 or +2.

Steve Houston

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not best coin shooter!

October 20, 2006
If u are looking for a coin shooter this is not the detector for u! I have used this unit for some time their are much better coin shooter out their!
For relic hunting or Prospecting where u dig all hits in the + range this would be a nice detector. This detector is base on whites gmt Prospecting unit.
Don't buy this detector if u are just a coin/beach hunter their are much better detector's out their for that job!

Overall Rating 4 stars


MXT is all you need.

August 28, 2006
My name is Juan, I live in Northern Virginia right outside Washington D.C. I purchased the MXT on July 1 and on July 2 I found my very first piece, a bullet from the civil war. Just two days later I found more bullets and some coins, and every time I go out I find something interesting and of value. It is a great hobby and I love it. I find all kinds of things coins, rings, bullets, belt buckles etc.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT

August 15, 2006
I have been using the MXT for almost a year now and have come to the conclusion that it is one of, if not the, best detectors on the market. It has never failed me and is excellent in all conditions - even under powerlines. I have found buttons and coins at over 8 inches deep. I previously had a Whites 5900, which was an excellent detector in its own right, but had several flaws. The MXT is worlds apart from my old 5900. I highly recommend this to anyone who is considering purchasing a new metal detector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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