Whites MXT Tracker

Price: $800
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.63
Based on 90 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.40
Maximum detection depth

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Another satisfied customer

December 14, 2005
This is one great detector. Simple to use and very versatile. Unlike an earlier comment the MXT's two filter system is a VERY quick recovery system. This makes the MXT one of the best at seperating targets which lay close together. In relic mode, with Discrimination set at zero, and the trigger locked in the forward position you can hear both the high tone of a coin AND the low tone of iron trash that are laying practically on top of each other.
Another reviewer claims that Whites can't touch Minelab. That's a crock. The MXT will hold its own against any equally priced Minelab. The truth is the Minelab will be better in some circumstances and the Whites will be better in others.
If you're looking for an easy to use, versatile detector that's a step above a turn on and go machine, don't overlook the MXT.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's MXT

November 03, 2005
After reading all of the reviews posted, I felt I should throw in my two cents for what it is worth. I too felt like many have already expressed that the standard coil produces too much noise. This is standard if your settings are not right and you have not learned your detector. How many of you that wrote in have a test bed? This valuable tool is the most important piece of your equipment, without it you are lost.

My first suggestion is build a test bed, if you can't then have someone bury various items in a local play ground. Sit down at night with your detector and manual and go over each and every knob and switch. Practice and keep practicing. As far as negitive points, I have none. I haven't found one thing with my MXT that I don't appricate or wish there was some added feature. Yes the price is high, but so are a lot of other machines that cost 2 to 3 times what you will spend on a MXT. On closing thoughts, keep your coil down on the ground as close as possible. If you don't have grass stains on your cover then your not close enough. If you have any questions or want to ask questions email me and I will get you an answer one way or another.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT is one great detector

August 02, 2005
i started out in metal detecting when i asked for a detector for christmas...not knowing any better my wife purchased a low end Bounty Hunter from the local "superstore"....i was hooked...as i did some more research and gained more experience i wanted a more advanced machine...enter the Whites MXT.
i have had nothing but great experiences with this metal detector and would recommend it to any level of treasure hunter. its very easy to use, goes very deep, and i can pinpoint anything with this machine....i cant say enough about it.
living in Kansas i have not used it for any Gold hunting but i have spoken to a few people who have and they rate it as a great gold detector.
one tip i can pass on is to go to the whites site and download the owners manual, its a good way to see what you are getting. if you are new to metal detecting and you dont understand something in the manual go to one fo the numerous forums and ask about it....there are some of the best people you will ever meet in this hobbie and they are happy to answer any questions.
good luck and check out the MXT

Overall Rating 4 stars


Sooner or later you will own a mxt

June 22, 2005
great machine,,had it for about 7 months,,easy to operate in any mode,,,pinpointing is the best i have seen on any machine..if it is in the middle of the coil on full bars you can bank on getting there,,depth too...light weight ..perfect balance..screen easy to read,,,even good for a beginner...

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT Magic

March 06, 2005
Over here in the uk we hunt mainly for those very small thin sectioned hammered coins, it needs a very sensitive fast recovering machine to be successful at this kind of hunting, the MXT is the ideal machine in this situation, i've used them all and the MXT out-performs the over-hyped very slow reacting Explorer, and even the whites flagship DFX, at around £595 over here its also the best value machine on the uk market.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Very happy

March 01, 2005
I am new and have had my MXT for about 3 weeks. I researched for a couple months before purchase. I wanted a high end detector that I could use right out of the box, but at the same time I could grow with as I learned more. The MXT filled that requrement perfectly and I have not been disappointed. I was out in the yard the morning after I purchased it recovering some of my lost money.
Find a local distributor. Mine was great and his prices were excellent. He was a great help and remains a resource.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT Tracker

January 17, 2005
This is a true winner. The MXT has three modes all are superior in there hunting ability. Coin/Jewelry, Relic, & Prospecting. I have been using the MXT for over two years, and I feel it will run circles around anything in it's price range assuming you take a little time to learn about it. If you thinking about buying a new metal detector, seriously look at the MXT.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT Evaluation

January 15, 2005
Versatility is the word;for those with multiple detecting interests this is an excellent choice.It was developed from the GMT,a gold nugget machine,with the result that it is very gold sensitive.When combined with good target separation,this makes it a fine choice for ring hunters.I have tested it on gold against my Lobo ST,a popular nugget detector,and found the MXT to be somewhat more sensitive.I also found that when iron level discrimination is used very little gold sensitivity is lost.I also like the numerical readout of ground mineralization levels.As a coin machine,the vertict is more mixed.Depthwise it is as deep as anything made but trashy areas can be a problem.

The MXT has a very slow response time which means that if you sweep the coil too fast it will null out on a piece of junk before it has time to respond to the good target you just hit.The stock 9.5" coil is useless in heavy trash.The usual advice to cut back on sensitivity does not work.I have found that higher sensitivity (gain)settings actually speed up its response time!

There are a variety of smaller coils which work well.To coin hunt in trash,use a smaller coil, keep your sweep speed slow, and raise sensitivity as much as you reasonably can.Some people complain the detector is noisy but it is easy to adjust. If you have chattering ,switch off the Auto-Track by fliping the toggle to "lock"which sets the ground balence at its present level. Then try lowering the threshold a bit.Using one of the DD elliptical coils is good too. If all else fails, then lower sensitivity but I really have not had much trouble with this.

There are a variety of searchcoils available from several manufactorers which combined with decent ground balencing and depth make this machine super versitle for anything including relic and cache hunting. There are a few more problems;it is a little heavy(but balences well),it has no backlight,no hip mount is available and the warrenty could be longer. The notch is set too high for tabs but I admit I have not called Whites about this.Personally I like The MXT and plan to keep it although I have bought a Fisher Coinstrike for coinshooting in trash.

Overall Rating 4 stars



November 20, 2004
Just bought a new whites mxt it is my first name brand detector it took about an hour to get use to and get the settings adjusted to get maximum depth and discrimination. Found 4 dimes 25 regular pennies 2 wheat pennies 1 quarter and a 1/2 penny Elizabeth II. Discrimination is very accurate. all coins were found between 4 and 8 inches deep. Pinpointing is right on.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT Tracker

October 15, 2004
I have alway's used Tesoro, but my friend Rich asked if I wanted to give his MXT a shot.

I couldn't believe how light it was, and very easy to use.

Picked up a gold mans wedding band, and alot of other goodies.

I am now thinking of purchasing one myself, or save a little cash and get a Prizm IV.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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