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Avg. Durability: 5 stars!5.00
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Whites MXT Detector

July 26, 2006
Very nicely built unit with excellent features for both novice and experienced! But why did Whites create a unit that has such vocalization? This thing sounds like a cow! Could it be that the audio circuitry is centered around a COW CHIP?

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites MXT Is The Best

May 24, 2006
ive been using the whites line of detectors for many many years. it has to be one of the best allaround machines on the market. from what i got from whites, it was conceived while building the GMT. it started life as the GMT, and they decided to add a coin circuit to it to extend its versatility. ,so what you have is a top of the line nugget machine with a coin circuit installed to make a 'dual purpose" machine out of it. also,as of late, whites is using the same exact litz wire as minelab, and is also "renting/leasing" the use of minelab technology for there MXT and other detectors. good news!

the only bad thing i could even find about the MXT is that the machine was originally designed as a nuggetshooter,BUT whites put that 950 coin coil on it. the 950 doesnt handle the mineralized ground ver well. do invest in a DD eliptical coil for your MXT!....one thing that i didnt mention, i found and dug a thin 14K mens wedding band at about 16". the machine had absolutely no problems in finding it that deep, and sounded off LOUD!

Overall Rating 5 stars!



March 02, 2006
For those who aren't familiar with the GMT, you can learn all about it by purchasing an MXT. The MXT and the GMT have the same circuitry. Then read the review about GMT's on this site.

Without emblems, and added stops and whistles and a couple of bells, they are exactly the same machine. I wish that White's wouldn't have done this, because I see way too many people who are complaining about all the unnecessary noise and hot rock problems. I am told that buying an after-market coil and getting rid of the stock 9.5' coil lessens these problems a bit. Why buy a machine that needs a dfferent coil to work well west of the Great Divide though?

I would give the MXT a 4 for a nugget-hunter, but only a 3 as a coin-hunter.

Overall Rating 4 stars


My last review

February 28, 2006
Is the MXT the best detector at finding coins? No. Does the MXT provide more power than you can always use? Yes. Is that a bad thing? Not in my book. The MXT runs at just under 14 kHz. Most "coin" detectors run at around 6kHz. Plus or minus. The higher frequency allows the MXT to be sensitive to small gold nuggets. OR small pieces of gold jewelry.
I can only afford ONE detector. I like to hunt for coins and jewelry in parks, ball fields, school grounds etc. I also like to hunt for relics around my farm and properties belonging to my neighbors. AND I enjoy doing a little electronic prospecting when I vacation in California's Sierra Nevada Mts. There are a few gold bearing areas within an hours drive but have yet to hit the local areas. Yet.
My point always has been and always will be that Whites MXT is one of the best "all around" metal detectors on the market today.
If you're strictly a coin shooter look elsewhere. But if you might do a little nugget shooting or don't want to miss small gold rings or tennis bracelets test drive an MXT.
If you like the simplicity of changing your settings by the flick of a switch and a turn of a knob instead of dealing with scroll down menues look into an MXT.
I'll say it again so there is no mistake. The MXT is NOT the best coin machine available. But it just MIGHT be the best all around, versatile, simple to use detector on the market today.
One more thing. The MXT's ground tracking capabilities IS one of the best out there. Gold country is usually found in highly mineralized areas. The MXT would not be as popular as it is in Alaskas gold fields if it couldn't handle "nasty" ground conditions.
Happy hunting everyone!.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DPW review

February 21, 2006
Actually, I agree with almost everything that DPW wrote, EXCEPT that, why does the MXT need to be turned down, and why did the CZ-70 outdo it? And why could the cz-70 be run in the highest of sensitivity while the MXT could not?

The reason is very simple, and as I already wrote, the MXT is a highly sensitive nugget-hunting circuit, and is often too sensitive for normal coin-hunting, without the power being turned down. It has to have the power turned down to funtion well in areas of hot rocks, and high magnetite and other high mineralization. It's not designed for coin-hunting, it's the old White's nugget-hunting circuit. White's can verify this too.

The Fisher cz-70 (IS) a coin hunter, designed for this purpose, and that's why it outshoots the MXT side-by-side in coin-hunting. In nugget-hunting, the MXT would beat the cz-70, easily. It has nothing to do with anyone's opinions. It has to do with OUR TESTS AND RESULTS of both detectors, comparing them side-by-side against each other, and what the detectors strong (and weak) points are, and what the two circuits were specifically designed to do. Nothing more.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I disagree with Larry

February 16, 2006
There are thousands of MXT's out in the field. They are finding gold nuggets, coins, jewelry and relics all across the country. AND they're very good at it. If you're interested in knowing the truth about the MXT go to all the metal detecting forums you can find and read about them. Don't rely on one or two reviews. Including mine. The vast majority of MXT owners would not trade them for any other detector.
The MXT may a bit noisier than some detectors. The reason is because of the incredible power and sensitivity. The MXT offers more power than you can sometimes use. But if you need it it's there. It is easy as pie to adjust the MXT to run as smooth as you need. You can even run it as a silent search detector if you want. Without loss of depth.
It is a step up from your basic turn on and go detector. You'll need to adjust the MXT for every condition you come across to get the best performance possible. Like any high end detector you'll need to learn what the MXT is telling you. The more time I spend with my MXT the more impressed I get. I think my MXT is a fantastic detector. But don't take my word for it, or Larry's. Check out the detector forums and see for yourself what users of the MXT think about them.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT problems

February 09, 2006

Larry here again..

I went to White's the other day to inquire about the MXT and it's (obvious) problem with hot rocks. It seems that many people have complained about this problem but more so the problem with the machine being too noisy.. I also checked other sources to determine the problem's causes.

Here are my findings:

When near RF and/or 60 cycles or high-voltage transmitters, you can EXPECT to hear a lot of audio disturbances with the MXT. It is because it was originally designed as a Gold nugget machine, a machine specifically designed for a lot of sensitivity, and not a coin-hunter. Therefore, it is a bit too sensitive both to radio and electrical interference, AND hot rocks. If someone's MXT is (not) sensitive to these situations, then there is something really wrong with it, so send it back to the factory to be repaired. ANY gold nugget detector should be very sensitive to just about anything, because the extra sensitivity is absolutely necessary, to be able to find those tiny nuggets. The Fisher Gold Bug and Gold Bug 2 are equally as sensitive in these situations, as is the Compass Goldscanner, and the various gold-hunting Minelabs. The machines are working very well being noisy and finding so many hot rocks, but if you want to coin hunt, you need to buy a coin hunter, not a converted gold nugget hunter, which the MXT is.

This explains why the MXT had to have it's sensitivity turned down so much, and also why the thing likes hot rocks so much. It is supposed to.

Additionally, hot rocks seem to be more prevalent in the mountainous states, than in others. Greater concentrations of magnetite, hematite and other iron oxides are also more common too. These elements will make the MXT act up more than many other detectors, because it is highly sensitive to all that. My compass Scanner R&C does the best, even though it was originally the "GoldScanner Pro". Why? Because it has 10-turn ground adjust PLUS "auto ground track", a system that overcomes these problems much better than other detectors..


The MXT makes a better nugget hunter than a coin-hunter, and as far as i can tell, so does the DFX, etc. It's inherent that they do. So don't buy the MXT, unless you want to do more nugget hunting than coin hunting. Buy something else. Buy a true coin-hunter instead.

Overall Rating 4 stars


A great detector for the money

February 07, 2006
I got this for my wife because she has always hunted so I joined in on the fun and boy was I surprised! I was going to get a DFX but instead liked the features on the MXT better. FOr one thing for trashy places it outperforms the DFX but the DFX beats it in the salty areas of where the surf washes on the beach. On even ground they are both neck and neck! So why spend the extra 300 for the DFX unless your going to use getting the coil wet with salt water? The MTX is the way to go and its easier to set up.

The features are fantastic and a very acurate display. I am going to use it to find relics and before I leave Cali, try to find some gold. By it beaing a high gain unit its going to be a little bit more noisier but thats a trade off for the accuracy your going to get. Its an easy fix just turn down the gain or turn down the threashold. Me and my wife love the unit and we will be getting the DFX to go along with it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


MXT vs cz-70

January 24, 2006
I met a man with an MXT the other day. He was complaining about how sensitive the thing was to hot rocks, so we both had a look at it. We had to turn the sensitivity down to between 3 and 6 (depending on the soil) and mostly at 4 just so he could use it without all that annoyance. We even turned the discriminate down, and that didn't help. I was using my Fisher cz-70, not my absolute deepest discriminator (My Compass is the deepest), but the best for separating trash from goodies, and the Big Bad Boy Fisher is also best for all-metal depth, including beating my Minelab Sovereign Elite Pro.

When I tossed a screwdriver down on the ground, the MXT COULD NOT completely cancel it, even when set to cancel nickles and pulltabs! It produced a "broken-up" sound. My Fisher could cancel it easily, and did a very nice job of it too. We found that in all cases, no matter how we set the sensitivity or discrimination, or ground-balance, etc, that there was a problem with hot rocks AND discriminating iron. I showed him that my Fisher didn't have that problem, and that at the most, it would make a soft sound in all-metal with hot rocks, but NO SOUND in discriminating hot rocks. The sound for hot rocks is very pleasing and soft-sounding (all-metal) with the Fisher and must be very close to the coil in order to read it. There is no setting on the Fisher, it just does it by itself.

The depth in all-metal and discriminate was ALWAYS 1-3 inches deeper with the Fisher, and it ran so, soooo much smoother than did the MXT! The meter on the MXT was really horrible. Every time we looked, it bounced around all over the place and gave wrong readings, often calling a penny "iron", but it (was) pretty accurate for reading depth.

I know my Fisher very well, and although it doen't have a depth meter, I always know what the coin depth is, and it really amazed the man that I could tell the depth that way, and without a meter. If I had $500 to spend on a detector, I certainlay wouldn't throw it away on one of those MXT's. I would buy a Fisher ID or a Compass Coinscanner, or a Minelab, or even a Bounty Hunter. This is the second MXT I've put the Fisher up against, and I won't waste my time wondering about it any more.

I've had the same experience with other White's, especially the DFX. The MXT is not a very good detector. It likes iron and hot rocks too much, and now I know why it is on sale. I own 15 metal detectors, of various brands. Don't waste your money on an MXT when you can get a better detector for the same $$$.


Overall Rating 3 stars



January 02, 2006
To sum it up.....I wouldn't trade it for any other. It's so accurate and I can out-hunt my husband with his DFX time and time again. I love that feeling. Love the rewards also.

Cons: It eats the batteries. Maybe I use it too much???

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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