Garrett GTI 2500

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.05
Based on 88 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.60
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.33
Maximum detection depth

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Two thumbs up

May 15, 2012
I am new to the hobby. I know very little about it. I used my 2500 for about two months. It is my first machine and the only one I have ever used.
First off. . I really don't understand why so many people are writing bad reviews. I think they must have got lemons.
This machine is a bit confusing at first, but I am new to the hobby, and didn't know nothing from nothing. There is a manual and DVD included, maybe they should try reading it and watching the movie. . . I did and went to a park. . . turned it on, waved it over the ground, and it said there was something about two inches down. . . dug it up and it was a Canadian dollar, Exactly at the right depth and size it said it was. . . simple. As for recognizing Canadian coins it usually doesn't . . except for the dollar, toony, and quarters. But it always gets the depth and size right. . . I've dug them up at 8 inches deep.

I'm still learning the machine but I am 100 percent satisfied. . . it can detect the smallest targets. . . and I mean tiny tiny, and deep.
Next is the weight. . . other machines must be really light because I have NO PROBLEM using this machine ALL day!! Some people on here make it sound like it weighs a ton,. . . really ? Seriously ?!?! Do you have the strength to open your car door? It's light as a feather man, like Com'on !!
I'm still learning the 2500 and the hobby, but have had no issues what-so-ever two thumbs up.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



May 11, 2012
Very dissapointed in the quality. My 2500 died 6 months after the warranty expired. On the second set of almost new batteries, it just went dead after 10 minutes of use and would not power up. I sent it in for repair and was charged $62 to replace defective parts. Including freight, my cost was just shy of $100. No way it was abused. I noted the yellow "pinpointing" button sometimes sticks when depressed and that wasn't fixed. Poor design. Tested discrimination mode on a 20 franc gold coin and it would not pick it up. Looking for a good Minelab.

Overall Rating 1 star



May 02, 2012
Did my trial run today. So far, the Garrett 2500 could not find my Jeep in the all metal mode. I hope it improves with practice, as it seems to be randomly reacting - i. e. point it in the air and it locates silver coins. Too odd.

Overall Rating 1 star


Good boat anchor

January 04, 2012
Don't spend your money on this "top of the line" garrett 2500. I sent it in to garrett last year, great customer service, I should have had them field test it before sending it back. It does not have good depth, I honestly found more with my silver sabre. I have given the 2500 the benefit of doubt and wasted 3 seasons, it is Not a good purchase. I will never own another Garrett other than the garrett pro pointer which I give 5 stars.

Overall Rating 1 star


Heavy Machine

December 26, 2011
Well have to be straight with u guys.
The GTi 2500 is a perfect machine But Way too Heavy, after some minutes you really feel it in your arms, a shame really because it out beats the AT Pro that I also own, but detecting with the AT Is better due to its weight.
Nothing more to add really, if you want a good detector the GTI 2500 is the king of the Garrett line, it does amazing things. But once again its a monster (Big And Heavy) I would give 5 stars to the performance, but an overall 4 star.

Overall Rating 4 stars


GTI 2500 Pro Gets My Approval

December 24, 2011
When I first tried out my Garrett GTI 2500 Pro, I must admit I too was somewhat disappointed. Nothing seemed to be working like I expected it to.
However, patience and persistence plus a good re-read of the user manual paid off for me. In particular, I found that the factory settings should not be taken for granted in locating Australian coins, for example, I recommend either a custom tuning or the Jewelery Mode on your your GTI 2500 for this Down Under.

I have found coins 12" down with this setting using just the standard 9.5" coil and that was on damp beach sand. So moisture doesn't affect the detector's penetration capabilities. For those who are sick of the "bong bong" bell tone, simply adjust the Tone or be patient and after a while you will start to detect changes in the factory tone which will enable you to identify your target as junk or treasure.

Lastly, the larger more sensitive 12.5" coil I intend using out on the goldfields soon. Okay, maybe a Minelab will beat the 2500 but hey, Minelabs cost a couple of thousand dollars more don't they? The Garrett is not bad for the price, so it gets my approval.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Take the time

November 06, 2011
The gti2500 metal detector is a great coin hunter and relic hunter, I have been coin shooting for over forty years, and have used many machines, I use exclusively the gti 2500 and gti 1500 now. The learning process seems to escape many people, let me explain, (take the time ) to learn the machine, practice and practice again, bench test, field test, air test, read the manual, and go out and practice again.

Contrary too what some people might say, the gti machines are easy to use, you simply need to take the time, I've found liberty seated dimes at 10 inches plus, indean head pennies at 10 inches plus, and a couple of flying eagle cents at 10 inches plus, to name only a few of the coins I've found. The gti 2500 has GREAT DEPTH, GREAT SENSITIVITY, and GREAT DISCRIMINATION, you simply need to take the time to learn this outstanding metal detector the GTI 2500.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great machine

September 11, 2011
The GTI 2500 is a very good detector in my opinion. It is very accurate in depth and discriminating junk. But I will say for all the NAY-sayers out there, just like with any machine you need to learn how to use it and that takes time. I can tell exactly what is in the ground with my GTI it never fails.
Depth is great. Don't let anyone who has little experience with this machine tell you it is junk. I would not trade it for any other because I KNOW MY MACHINE.
It may be a little heavy but you can detach the battery pack and clip it to your pants. I have done very well with this machine and have saved a lot of time digging pulltabs and other junk...and yes while still getting gold rings!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Sad detector way behind the times

August 16, 2011
After starting out with a garrett freedom ace witch got me hooked on the hobbie I upgraded to a minelab excalibur that I have been using on land for 3 years. So when a used garrett gti 2500 come up for sale cheap I swooped on it after all its garretts top dog coin and relic machine aint it?
What a joke sure this thing will pick up lager coins 7-8 inches but it would not pick up on threepence sixpence coins more than 6 inches my minelab detects these coins over double that. I took this machine out for six hours and field tested it along side an minelab etrac when my buddie got nice tones with the etrac I went over them with the gti. I was shocked when the gti could not pick up on any target smaller than the old new zealand ten cent piece!

Maybe the ground is drier in USA and they work great over there but here in southland where the ground conditions are tough the gti 2500 will not find the deeper old stuff period.

Overall Rating 1 star


Thats all you NEED

June 23, 2011
There is no good or bad metal detector. If you are using it several times you can not understand the machine and what it is capable of. Garret gti 2500 with eagle eye, its pro package if you will buy it you must buy pro package it comes with 12 inch search coil and eagle eye.
Eagle eye is most important part of the machine you can not detect any coins unless its in a bottle only detects larger then can size objects that means good for gold and treasure hunting, we did find 2 gave that has treasure in it but respect to death peoples right?

Eagle eye goes 5 meter deep machine also finds graves or spaces underground. mostly on a beach, with 12 inch search coil you can find any object 2 feet deep, we did not try more than that but eagle eye is perfect onw for gold miners or treasure hunters. As I said know your machine what it is capable of.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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