Garrett GTI 2500

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.05
Based on 88 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.60
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.33
Maximum detection depth

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Garrett 2500 ....more Garrett junk

May 28, 2011
Don't waste your money on this piece of junk.
Any 200.00 detector will find more than the 2500 will.
Depth is awful unless you run it in all metal then it still sucks. Who wants to lug around a 5 pound detector that might get 5 inches of depth in disc mode.
It is the same with all the other Garretts detectors I have owned, no depth and that constant bong bong sound drives me crazy. This is their top of the line almost 1000.00 detector??? What a joke.

Overall Rating 1 star


How about 4 coins and 1 silver my first time out - 1.5 hrs!

April 02, 2011
My father and I would go out detecting when I was young and it was one of my favorite hobbies with my dad. In those days pull tabs were on all cans and we dug up thousands. Considering I am turning 50 this year and missing "the old days" somewhat I have opted to get back into metal detecting.

I did my homework and put 6 detectors on my wish list. After searching the ads I found a stock Garrett GTI 2500 with headphones for $350. I was on the phone and had the unit the same night it appeared on Craigslist!!

The prior owner said it was 3 years old, he loved it but he was letting it go for health reasons. I then read the manual that same evening and was out in the front yard the next day after work.

It took a few minutes to become accustomed to the menus and operation. From time to time I would get stray signals but suspect it was the local airport because a channel change cleared that right up and then things started happening.

In less than 10 minutes I had my first coin, a 1971 Lincoln cent 4 inches down, and 5 minutes after that a 1935 Mercury dime nearly 10 inches down!!!! Yes, a silver coin in under 15 minutes and no experience.
Now I will admit I am quite the gadget guy and I am the "go to guy" in my family for all technical issues thus I tend to be comfortable with technology right out of the box so to speak.
Thus the learning curve for me wasn't.

Now if you are not a gadget guy, and by that I mean you need help with the remote control for the TV - then this may not be the detector for you because it is full of tech. But if you are looking for out of the box performance and extreme versatility this is a detector you should consider.

I am now looking for a suitable hard case so I can take the detector back to the East Coast this summer for a visit with my family. Dad has had mobility issues and left detecting behind years ago, but Dad will be very impressed when he sees how far the technology has come considering our humble beginnings.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



November 01, 2010
I bought mine at Kellyco 3 years ago, with the EagleEye enhancement. With the 9.5" coil it worked fine, but little unstable in all-metal mode. The 12.5" coil gave me some hard time as it was kind of unstable, but when used with the EagleEye it went totally berzek. Besides, all the bells and whistles announced are disconected when using the large coils. It is a way too heavy machine, and for its price, it is better to buy a mid-range detector, plus having a more lighter and reliable detector. Mine came defective, and by the time they reached that conclusion (after telling me month after month to try this and that) the warranty expired.

Finally, their policy for international sales (I bought mine from South America) is to service the units in Germany, so I was told to send the detector over there. If I knew this in the first place I would not waste my money or my time with this piece of junk. Do yourself a favor and don buy it, as it comes with very poor quality, is expensive and heavy, and their service department is terribly nasty.

Overall Rating 1 star


Not worth the time and money

October 13, 2010
Bought a garretts gti 2500 detector with treasure hound. I have seven detectors and this is by far the most complicated one to use. A very bad investment. I have whites, bounty hunters, minelabs and some generic brands and they all out perform the garrett gti2500.

Goes off all the time for no reason, the treasure hound stays screaming non stop. Have read where people have sent theirs in for repairs. Cant afford to keep sending in for repairs. Worst detector I have purchased. they say you get what you paid for. I paid 3-6 times more for this machine and my cheap versions and my expensive minelab are far better. My choice is bounty hunter or minelab.

Overall Rating 1 star


Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector

June 24, 2010
Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector…

I have had this detector for several years and have loved every time I go out with it. I have a garden we use to test the ID of the coins and trash and is very accurate.I would say 85% to 90% correct depth, pinpoint and ID out in the fields. My detecting buddy has the Minelab Explorer and he constantly asking me to check pinpoint and size of what he has found!

I would highly recommend the Garrett GTI 2500.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Keeps going off

January 21, 2010
I bought the 2500 a few years ago hoping it was what they said it was. I have sent it back three times now. My problem is it just keeps going off when there is nothing there. I every time I dig up the site I find nothing. I have since bought a minelab 1000 and I am very happy with it.
Anyone looking for a Garrett 2500.
It would be nice if they stood by there product!!

Overall Rating 1 star


Where to find coins in the winter

January 03, 2010
I went to some bar parking lots and let me tell you I found all kinds of clad coins. In one day I found about 30.00 dollars out of 15 bars. They must dig for there keys and all the change falls out. I even found a nice buck knife. My gti worked good in the snow. Good luck in you town. Dan

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Using the gti 2500 in the winter

December 29, 2009
12-26-09 try using it in parking lots all around the edges. Snows here and all those lost things get plowed there. I was out for 2 hours, found 7.86 cents and a set of keys. The gti worked good, just buy a cover to keep it dry. Other then that it worked great. Dress up warm and remember pick up all that trash you see, property owners like that and welcome you back. Good luck. dan
ps the gti 2500 is the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Look for that big old tree at cross roads

December 25, 2009
I have been looking around big old trees at cross roads. I can't believe the stuff I find, coins, keys, tools, watches, just about any thing. Just think of how many people sat there back in the old days resting looking for a ride. Give it a try in your home town.
My gti 2500 is the best, get one, read the book on it and you will find treasure and don't forget to fill them holes, good luck and happy hunting. dan

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great unit

December 03, 2009
I was reading the Dave in Canada review, the reason the GTI displays your coins as bottle caps is that they are JUNK DUDE I can pick them up with magnet now that is cheeseball, nothing wrong with the 2500 excellent green machine, this guy works great everywhere. I have tested your coins with all of my other VLF detectors and all of them display your coins as trash and that is the definitive answer!!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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