Garrett GTI 2500

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 4 stars 4.05
Based on 88 reviews

Avg. Durability: 5 stars!4.60
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.33
Maximum detection depth

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Garrett gti 2500

June 07, 2007
It is a great detector found lots of coins but after a half hour in the field my arm was about to fall off to heavy to be swinging all day got rid of it and now have bounty hunter guick draw 2 discover 2000 and 3300 I can be out in the field all day swinging and find just about as much stuff

Overall Rating 3 stars


The Best of Them All.

May 07, 2007
Using the 12.5 coil,this machine will go as deep as the minelab explorer,and you'll get better size and depth imaging too.With the larger coil,I've dug coins from 8 to 11 inches deep.The gti2500 is the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Save your money buy the 550gtax

February 24, 2007
Had a garrett 550gtax and was really impressed, so bought the 2500 gti and was really dissapointed. Does not get very good depth unless your in all metal mode. The size imaging is a joke, ended up turning it off. It does pinpoint well and is easy to use.

If you are going to coinshoot in your local park then it will be find but if you want to go for the deeper stuff buy somthing else. My opinion buy the 550gtax its as good a machine as the 2500. And a lot less money.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Amazing simply amazing top of the line the best

January 03, 2007
i waited for years for someone to come out with a dector like this. i love the sizeing feature i mean this machine is very accurate on telling you how big the object is saves you lots and lots of time no more digging beer cans that read a coin i have used a whites spectrum for years nice but not as good as my gti 2500 also i tryed a bounty hunter this machine is junk absolutley junk owened a whites 6000 di pro great machine but the thing i love most about the 2500 is the sizeing no more beer cans if you are hunting coins i have seen my freinds dig targets that i walk right over with my machine

i have been decting for 25 years the depth of this dector is amazing super in the all metal mode for relics and as good or better than the whites spectrum that i owned on coins truley the best if you wont the most info befor you dig i mean who wonts to waste time on junk this machine offers more info about whats in the ground than any of the competitors hannds down the best out there

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A great Machine

July 19, 2006
I purchased my machine in May of 2005. I have found over 2000 coins, several rings, toys, keys etc. It takes time to learn the machine because of all the options. Pin pointing is great. I like the ability to switch modes with just touch of a couple of buttons while scanning. I switch back and forth between zero and coin modes constantly which helps in verifying trash. I have found that you should also dig A size targets because many coins are on end. My oldest finds are a few civil war bullets, and my best find to date is an 1880 five dollar gold coin. I have learned to trust what the machine is telling me. I am still learning it's capabilities.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



January 10, 2006
What I liked.
I thought it was very good in all the settings as it has many, great depth, as good as the Minelab Sovreign GT.

What I hated.
The voice thing is not a good idea at all.
Heavy, heavy heavy and did I say heavy.
I don't like the depth and size display I thought it would be a great idea.
Lets face it by moving your coil up and over and side to side or even adjusting your sensitivity down you will have a good idea of how deep and the size.

I sold it and still prefer the GT sovreign, its light weight very easy to adjust and see all the settings, the varible tone tells me what the object is without even using the display.

well thats my thoughts anyway
Detectors I have used
garrett infinium, GTA400, GTI2500, All the minelab Sovreigns.

Overall Rating 2 stars


Amazing Versatility

January 04, 2006
I bought my GTI2500 about 6 years ago shortly after they came out to replace the GTI2000. It was my first 'real' detector. And what a detector it is.

While much ado is made about its imaging capabilities (being able to 'size' the target), this ability can be a double-edged sword. If you only dig those targets which show as size B - coin sized, you may be missing masses of coins such as those found in a 'pocket dump' where someone literally dumps all the change out of their pocket. You may also be missing bracelets, brooches and the like. I'd suggest that when using the imaging coils, dig all B and C size targets. And ALWAYS dig them if they show more than 6 inches deep.

It's too bad that many people judge this machine strictly on its imaging coils. While the imaging coils make it a park coin-shooter second to none, someone must try the various other coils available to truly see the amazing versatility of this machine. With the sniper coil, it is fantastic around fences, playground equipment and in trashy areas. With the 5x10 elliptical (my favorite), it is an unbelievably effective competition machine - covers a lot of ground and pinpointing is deadly accurate. The 12.5 inch imaging coil, though very heavy, can add another 6-10 inches in depth on larger targets. The 12 inch coil is ideal for searching for caches in buildings, as it totally ignores the metal construction materials. Although I've not used it myself, it's nice to know there is a 'two-box' attachment also available for this machine for finding deep caches (4-8 FEET deep!!!). What other machine of any make offers you this kind of versatility???

The only improvement I can think of after having used this machine for the last several years is: It would be nice to have more than the three tones available for Tone ID.

Overall, though, I think that once learned, this machine is second to none when it comes to versatility. It may not do certain things as well as some other machines, but NO OTHER MACHINE can do all the things that it can do.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


GTI 2500

August 13, 2005
I have had my GTI 2500 for over two years. When I first got it, I thought this was the best detector that money could buy. After using it for some time I discovered that in coins and jewelry modes the best depth that I could get was approx. six inches no matter how I adjusted it. I made myself a coin and trash garden early on and the best depth was and still is six inches for coins. The all metal mode button is to close to the pinpoint button and the pinpoint button sticks to often. Dirty fingers can cause dirt to get lodged in and around the buttons and it is a must to use a cover to prevent this from happening. When in a trash out area it is impossible to locate coins and this may be for all brands. My opinion is this detector is over priced and it is good for cherry picking coins near the surface.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Garrett 2500 Review

June 29, 2005
I have used many detectors, studied many more and have found coins with all of them. The Garrett is disappointing at first site, you get many false signals...Until you start digging...Usually if it goes haywire on Pennies, dimes and quarters, it's because they are in the same hole in front of you...DIG THEM OUT! they are there...Believe the detector and what it is telling you! Let it talk to you, it's not lying even when you think it is! AGAIN...DIG IT!
It spoiled me, after about a month it started talking to me, I understood what the detector was saying, and I dug it! Everything...The best find to date a $1400.00 Gold ring returned to neighbor that had lost it 4 years ago, I'm telling you...I have nothing bad to say about this detector, opps it weighs a little too much but my arm is getting stronger!
Buy it and use it, Dig it...Believe what it is saying to you!
It doesn't lie!


Overall Rating 5 stars!


Not too bad

April 01, 2005
let me preface this by saying i am a beach hunter and have tried the 2500 exclusively on the beach.


*The fit and finish/construction quality was top notch.

*Dry sand conditions/low mineralization using all metal fast track mode went really deep!

*Garrett offers a "Tall Man Rod" for taller users


*Wet salty sand performance was not that great, and the Salt mode didn't do anything.

*Does not do that well in black sand/mineralized conditions.

*a tad on the heavy side

*jumpy target i.d.

*didn't do too well in trashy areas.

my bottom line:

overall not a bad detector in my opinion, but not my first choice for beach hunting given the price, unless you run it in all metal for scary depth on dry sand low trash conditions.

A tad expensive, but not all that bad. For that kind of money though i would probably get an Explorer, or Fisher CZ first.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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