Garrett AT PRO

Price: $700
Avg. Score: 4 stars 3.92
Based on 142 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.29
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars4.41
Maximum detection depth

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March 03, 2013
Wow.. . WOw.. . woW.. . wOW.. . WOW! Thar's gold in dem hills!
OK just this past Christmas of 2012 my wife bought me my very first detector. True I am a beginner. However I got out there with it (in 3ft of snow). And this may sound lame to you? But not to my neighbor, who lost their house keys!

I became a hero that day and was well rewarded with a "find" of some very delicious chocolate chips cookies! And Number 128526,
WOW what a find!
The AT-Pro is NOT a joke, it takes time to learn, so I suggest the following:
Read the instructions carefully several times
Locate some usage clips on u-tube
Get the app "treasureNet"
Join "TreasureNet" (cost nothing)
Make contact with people in your state on TreasureNet
Look for me on TreasureNet, they call me "EverestJumper"
Have fun!
Steve (aka: EverestJumper)

Overall Rating 5 stars!


AT pro amazing

March 02, 2013
I am a old timer and have been detecting since the 70s, I have had many detectors over the years but some of the best stick in your memory like my first garrett a growndhog vlf tr it was at the time a stunning detector and mine is still working and can give modern machines a run for their money.

After years of using high end detectors that were soleless machines well they bleep I dig always suffered with iron errors, then last year I had a look at the garrett ace 250 and thought what a sweet detector but then I noticed the garrett at pro and had to get one.
As soon as I got to the field I set the machine to basic coin hunting mode and before long found my first bell tone sound a small roman coin, very thin, came out the area was had a lot of trash builders bits of iron, so I changed to iron audio mode I no could hear all the iron and new the good targets from bad.

One interesting thing that happened to me that I have never had on any other detector was when I got a good signal I also got some iron audio noise, it was a mixed sound with both high and low readings on the meter, si after a bit of digging I found some nails, I was just about to fill the hole in when I spotted the shape of a coin in the soil, wow I have never seen a detector able to do that!

Summing this detector up its brill and can easily be set up in standard modes till you get use to it, you will do a lot of deep digging.
This machine will find thin hammered silver with ease, but not if you notch out foil best use the iron audio in all metal mode.
If your a beginner go for a ace 250 its a fab machine with a gr8 resale price when you are ready to upgrade.
The price of this machine is just right, if you thunk the xp deus is a rip off its a good machine but not at that price, if it was priced nearer to the AT pro I might have considered the deus but I could buy a iphone no contract and a at pro for a lot less than a deus.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Great Detector

March 01, 2013
I haven't detected in years and recently decided to get back into it. After a lot of consideration I went with the Garrett AT PRO. It had all the features I was looking for plus some. I've had this machine for just over a week now and have already found over 20 coins, 2 tax tokens, an old iron pot holder, and a V8 emblem off of an old ford. Not to bad for just a couple of hours of detecting.

After I found about 5 coins I could tell when I was hitting on a coin, a short high pitched tone, pennies were reading between 75-79 on the digital scale while dimes read between 81-85. Also the reading for a lot of scraps of what looked like tin. But the difference was if it was a long high pitched tone it was always junk whereas a short high pitched tone was a coin almost every time. I guess only time will tell if this is a good quality machine, but I have to say so far I am loving it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


At pro outshines my mxt

February 15, 2013
I purchased this detector as a backup to my MXT. I like it more than the MXT by far!! I love the pro mode for sound of object discrimination. I have found so many objects that my MXT had missed. This is not a beginners detector and if you purchased it as your first you need to go back to the store and ask for a beginners detector. If you are experienced detector and do not want to drop a load of cash this is the unit for you!!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Awesome machine my favorite yet

February 08, 2013
Well Garrett really did there homework on the At Pro series. The third day out I found a ladies 10k diamond ring with it. This machine rocks. Don't let the negative reviews scare you from buying it. These are people who don't know how to use it. This machine hits coins and gold really well.

The best thing about it is it hits nickels really well in fact better than any other machine I've owned and I've owned a few in my time trust me.
That equates to more finds. It's weather proof and has good depth. So you can hunt beaches lakes and don't have to worry when it rains on your machine. It's an all around machine and a good value for all of its features. Thumbs up To Garrett.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Awesome detector my favorite by far!

February 08, 2013
I needed a good all weather machine and this one fit the bill. Don't believe the negative
Reviews it's not true. Heck the 3rd day out I found a lady's 10k diamond ring.
This detector hits harder on nickels and pull tabs than any machine I've ever owned and that equates to more rings. It's also weather proof and uses a 15 kHz frequency
Which makes it pretty sensitive to gold. It also works really well for coin hunting. Depth is really good too and can hunt beaches lakes and in rain too. Out of all the machines I've owned this ones my favorite by far.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Garrett atpro

February 04, 2013
I got my Garrett ATpro 2 weeks ago and went over areas that I had previously done with my old detector (which was a good one, similar in price to Garrett). I am amazed at just how many coins I have found which were missed by my earlier one. My last outing unearthed 15 coins in 30 minutes. All on STD COIN setting.. .. I have not got round to trying the PRO setting yet. The Garrett pinpointer is another great buy, saving lots of time and digging. The Garrett ATPRO I certainly recommend.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


At pro review

February 03, 2013
I am dissatisfied with this unit, the AT Pro. First, it shows almost everything deeper than 10 inches. As I dig down, the unit shows the object to be shifting to the left or right. As II follow it down it keeps showing it at 10 inches and then it disappears.
Second, When it locates one object, it is likely to find 5 others as you start digging. Then they all start disappearing.

I really wish I had bought a simpler, more expense product. I am a novice, but have spent a lot of time reading the instructions and using the unit.

I got burned. I would give it a zero rating, but that is not an option.

Overall Rating 1 star


At Pro international

November 30, 2012
I purchased a AT Pro international about 6 Months ago, it is my first metal detector and only used a metal detector once before but wanted one for a long time. I have mostly used it on the beach and have found a heap of coins, ear rings and a couple of rings with not much value but to me it's about finding things and love the AT Pro. Still have to work a few things out with the pro mode but love going out to play with it Stay safe and happy hunting.

Overall Rating 3 stars


Mr Clough

November 29, 2012
Well what can I say, I'v had my At pro for about a year, its taken quite a while to learn, the first thing I did was to detect with my eyes closed. Sounds a bit silly but you have to get to know the different tones. And from my finds that I've found I'm thinking it worked. 3 gold Celtic staters and loads of silver hammered coins, military badges including a very nice silver 101st airborne jump wing badge, and loads of other finds.
Would be here all day doing this review if I listed them all. The thing with the At Pro is this if you walk over it it will find it, just take your time to get use to the machine, for me its been top notch.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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