Whites DFX

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 96 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.24
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.71
Maximum detection depth

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Complicated Cacophony of Computer Created Craziness

September 05, 2011
The multitude of settings totally took the fun out of detecting for me.
Where I live in the UK, it had to be set up differently almost every time I went out. Most of my time was spent fiddling with settings when I should have been digging.
I found it either very noisy or very shallow. The stock programs for the UK are no use at all and I did not dig a single coin in Coin Mode. Swapping over to my C Scope produced coins on the same area. Obviously a case of a wrong set up but for me it just too laborious, over complicated, time consuming and just complete technological over-kill.

It did fare better at the beach with the Wet Sand Program and was extremely stable when moving from the surf to the wet sand and into the dry
sand. It rarely falsed.

To rely on the ID in UK though would be foolish. 1 pound coins showed invariably as foil and ring pulls showed as coins.
It would obviously work better in the US as it was designed for the conditions there. The Whites M6 is a much better detector in my opinion and works better, faster and the ID is absolutely 99.9% correct even in the UK. If the M6 says it's a coin - then it's a coin. A pull tab IS a pull tab.

I would choose the M6 over the DFX any day.

This is my opinion for my regular conditions in the UK and I am willing to accept that elsewhere in the world, the DFX might just be the correct choice. Also, if you are willing to put the time in - then it COULD be a winner here too. BUT - I want to spend my time detecting, not fiddling with controls. I would urge anyone in UK to consider a different model to DFX such as the M6 or 6T.

Overall Rating 2 stars


What a great machine

August 29, 2011
I upgraded from a garrett 250 to a dfx 300. Its been great. Found plenty of coins and deep, some silver items, feel very confident when I'm out with it. Works well on beaches and very well on land. Finding things dating back to 17th century. Highly rated and tweak it to your needs.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's DFX is a fantastic metal detector

July 18, 2011
Having owned many different brands of detectors, not to say others are not capable units, the White's DFX is the best if you take the time to learn it.
Some say this is a great detector for even beginners, I disagree. There are many other capable beginner detectors. If you are an experienced detectorist looking for a great detector and willing to read and learn its programability, you'd find it difficult to top this detector. This detector in the hands of someone who understands its capabilities and learns how to read its display and interpret its audible tones would be able to dig only the best targets ignoring the junk.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Old models vs new models

June 27, 2011
I use to be a whites dealer. In the 1970 I sold bfo detectors for less than $200. That would reach pennys & nickles over 8 inches. The new machines today costing over a $1000 won't do it. I just purchased a new dfx, good machine, but it is no more powerful than my 25 year old eagle 2, and no easier to use. I know there are a lot more features on the new detectors, but really the depth hasn't changed in 25 years, only the price.

The old machines would find rings, the new, zip tops. Any time you turn up the discrimination, there goes you detection depth. The new machines definitely are easier to use though, with the turn on and go. Good luck hunting, ron rambo

Overall Rating 4 stars


Not getting the results from DFX........try this.

October 20, 2010
I read of users of the DFX who are totally excited about it. I also read of those who don't seem to find any improvement over older dectectors. Here is what I've found. I use the owners manual, and when I've exhausted all the info to the best of my ability, I purchased the video for the DFX which was very informative.

After gaining more confidence in using the machine, I would enter information for custom settings into my search browser for "White's DFX", and you can even be specific about your part of the country or the world for that matter. It will not perform the same in every part of the country, it's all about tweaking for your corner of the world, and you can get some pretty good info on settings by searching online.
There are also books on the market with more detailed info on the DFX. After all if you beared the expense for a DFX, a couple more bucks for good info is a no brainer. Just my opinion, good hunting to all, hope this helps.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Paid for itself in less than an year

September 08, 2010
Hunted local beaches over the year, 4 gold rings + heavy gold chain 10 silver rings over £700 in cash OK I dug most targets hunted local woods with permission 100s of Victorian and Georgian coins fair few good ones + 2 gold rings 1 Victorian diamond ring worth hundreds.

Hunted fields over twenty hammered and countless other coins this is the only detector I have owned so I cannot compare with others but every time I go out I never fail so in my eyes I made the right choice.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


First Outing on a beach

March 23, 2010
This is my first metal detector since the 1980's so I really wanted the best bang for the buck. Nailed one on ebay for $510.00, a steal. First time out on a heavily detected beach and nailed a ring in deep dirt and sand right by the steps. It was under the ground for a long time. Other detectors must have gone over it 100 times or more. I am going back to that area again this week. It is easy to use and the video on line is great. I am buying a garrett probe to go with it. I am thrilled with this unit.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The Dfx is one great whites detector!

January 17, 2010
Hello everyone this probably will be one of the most accurate opinions of the Dfx you'll ever read. I used quite a few detectors in my time and so far the Dfx has been the finest. Ive used Minelabs fishers you name it. The Dfx has one of the best id screen systems ever used. It makes it very easy to identify targets with the signagraph id system the dfx uses. Ive only had it about 3 weeks and so far I've already found my first gold ring! Something I wasn't able to do in a year with other detectors I've used.

It has 2 frequencies which are great one for silver and clad and one for Gold. Its by far the most versatile detector I've ever used. Few detectors have the option that this detector has. Yes it does have a bit of a learning curve but once you tweak the machine just a little it rocks. I also found a nice 64 silver dime and plenty of coins and misc charms etc. It also gets pretty good battery life.

I had the whites Mxt before but like the Dfx a bit better because of the versatility and better id system and ability to chose 2 frequencies and use it at the beach with better performance than the Mxt in that area. Its also less chattery than the Mxt. If your looking for a all around versatile detector you wont be disapointed.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



October 21, 2009
The DFX is a great machine. The only problem I had was figuring out the disc edit and block edit features. Overall a very good and stable, deep seeking machine. I advise buying the aftermarket books written by detectorists that may explain this unit better than the manual does.

Overall Rating 4 stars



September 18, 2009
First time out trying the DFX with the eclipse DD 5 X 9 coil with factory preset coins and jewelry mode and it finds a hammered coin at 7 inches deep. Easy to use, great detector. Gave it 4 stars due to e.m.interference.Ive 13 years experience detecting and this is top notch.

Overall Rating 4 stars


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