Whites DFX

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 96 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.24
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.71
Maximum detection depth

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A super clad coin finder!

December 23, 2006
If you are into finding new coins, this is detector is for you! Like to play with controls and look at a meter? You are in business here. If I was deaf, I would be happy as you can get. Into serious treasure hunting? Go back to basics. Get a top of the line Whites 4900D with all you will ever need. In the know treasure hunters would never bother with this one. Use your hears and your head! Yes, if does upset me a little that treasure hunting has gone to this point when we could do better!

Overall Rating 2 stars



November 08, 2006
just purchased mine from bonnie blue.found my first nail in the back yard in 2 min.that was day one and it was dark 30! day 2 now under stand I have never owned a detector before I was in s.c.in camp found all kinds of junk then 7+in down a 1905 indian head .a few min later, a chunk of silver ? maby someones Pay fro the month. aprox. an ounce at around 5 inches.this DFX worked for the guy woh does not read owners manuals. cant wait till I under stand the machine.still havent read the owners man.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The DFX just feels right

October 19, 2006
I have been using the DFX for about 6 weeks and some how it just felt right from the start,i cannot put my finger on what it is,the build quality is superb,pinpointing 1st class,i have to admit i am still using the factory settings and they do for all that i need,OK if you were to alter them i guess you would go deeper and find better things,but i use it as a great switch on and go detector.

The standard coil is good,but i have been using the 1400DD coil which is VERY good.After changing from a Troy X5 to the DFX my finds rate has certainly doubled and may even be higher and the main thing is i am enjoying detecting again and to me that is what it is all about.

There may be better deeper machines,but i am staying with the DFX.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DFX was the right choice

May 26, 2006
I've been swinging a detector for near 30 years now and so far I'm pretty impressed with the DFX's performance.

I looked long and hard at the two top dogs(DFX & Exp II) before making my choice. For me the deciding factor was my familiarity with the E-Machines, construction and reviews. Having used a Whites Eagle Spectrum for 13 years I no the features and ability, the idea of a plastic detector scared me and my old spectrum was a killer machine.

My first day out with the factory presets I found targets at 6-7" with no problem. A bit of tweaking and I was quite impressed with the results. I found a walking liberty half at 7 1/2" and a buffalo nickle at 7 1/2" both were good strong signals. The impressive part was this area has been hunted HARD for many years by myself and every detector in town.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Easy even for a rookie

April 20, 2006
My brother and I both bought our DFX's on the same day. While he was putting coins and a couple of rings down to practice, I headed for the park behind his house. Less than 2 min later I got my first find.. 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar. A short time later I found a gold womens braclet watch 5.5" dwn. The pinpointing and depth has been right on the money every time. My brother has stuggled just a bit with his, but only because he never reads manuals. I must have read the manual 5 times before even buying my DFX and a few times after actually using it. It makes a big difference. Thus far we have only been using the basic programs but we are about ready to start messing with our settings. Nice to be able to start out so simple and have plenty of room to grow as we get to know our DFX's better! Great machines and multiple frequency scanning makes DFX simple the best.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



February 11, 2006
I like the dfx alot its a great metaldetector.
The dfx goes deep even without adjusting anything! - the factory programs are fine for coin shooting with more than enough depth to find old deep coins. It is a fast machine and without doubt has a higher finds recovery rate than the explorer 2 - i know because i have owned both machines. You can sweep fast and still get good depth which is great for working parks and other coin shooting sites. Hot on silver and gold too which is super smashing great :-) Will find coins on edge at 5 - 6 inches without tweeking a thing. superb on the dry sand and good on the wet sand too. batteries last ages - a lot longer than with the explorer 2. Built like a tank - very strong and well built. Nice wide sweep to recover more goodies. Lots of aftermarket coils available to enhance performance too which is brilliant. whites are going to have a problem trying to make a better detector than this in my opinion it really is top notch. How many marks out of ten would i give the dfx - well the answer is 9 out of ten.
Now with regard to the dfx vs explorer 2 long standing debate on depth etc- my own personal opinion is that the dfx is the better machine. Dont be kidded by negative stuff you may read about this fab detector because i can tell you it is capable of great depth - even a novice can get good depth without adjusting anything - honest!
All in all a well built deep seeking coin and ring hunter that is underated by far. Buy one dont even think about not buying one because it truly is a great coin and ring hunter. One to keep. Much better than my old xlt - the dfx is a coin magnet . Whites should rename it the Silver coin magnet.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Whites is the best

February 06, 2006
i owned some good metal detectors in the last several years and can say dfx is the best. if you read and understand the instructions. you can go deep with the dfx. it will also give 90 percent true reading on what it is and how deep to dig. i can out hunt any minelab explorer 2!!! when it comes down to tashy areas, finding rings and coins. dfx is the way to go. minelab is ok in very light trash areas. in parks where high trash is. minelab will sing you a song. i am very happy with my dfx. it is alot of fun to use. one heck of a ring finder.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


My DFX is great

December 16, 2005
I bought my DFX and started metal detecting in September, had no previous experience. There is a lot to learn with the machine, I suggest buying Jeff Foster's book "Digging Deeper with the DFX". Spent a month using the "canned" programs which worked real well. After that I started tweaking the settings. If you enjoy programming and getting into the nitty gritty this is the machine for you. I live in PA and snow has set in so I'm waiting on spring now but from September to the end of November I found 800 pennies, 20 nickles, 160 dimes, 66 quarters, 1 half, 2 Susan B $, about 20 wheat pennies, 1 Indian head, 1 "V" nickle, several silver dimes and quarters, 3 rings, 1 gold necklace, 5 or 6 die cast old hot wheel type cars, and a wide varitey of interesting trash. Maybe 75% of my hunting has been in parks. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the learning curve, which is exactly the reason I bought it. I've purchase several new coils but didn't get time to use them a lot before winter came. Great battery life.

Overall Rating 5 stars!



November 04, 2005
I have had my DFX for several years now and find it to be a real winner. I have found around 15 hammered coins with it as well as 5 silver half crowns and TWO saxon sceats that are smaller than a dime. Those coins came from 5 inches!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Virginia DFX review made me laugh

October 30, 2005
Can't find anything past three inches is hillarious.I was out earlier today with a DFX and dug two very small bullets at 10" that sounded like they were at 3 or 4".The guy who wrote that review is most likely taping his Minelab back together.The DFX will pick up a large copper at 12-15",a dime or penny up to 10" with the stock coil.On Saltwater beaches,add another 5" to those totals.It does need to be programmed properly however.The factory presets will only go to 5 or 6" on a coin.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


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