Whites DFX

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 96 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.24
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.71
Maximum detection depth

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Takes to long to set up custom programs..

July 26, 2007
2nd Whites I have owned....it is hard to program.. but I have located coins up to 10 inches deep and over 150 years old.....I would not suggest this detector for the newbe nor someone that has not had in depth experance with this hobby........It will take at least 10 hours to study and understand...Make sure to purchase or get all the information that has been written about this machine...Whites supplied info is sadly lax ........

Overall Rating 2 stars


Simply best detector made

June 17, 2007
Have been using the dfx, for 2 yrs. Had a slight learning curve with it. Traded a minelab quattro for it. Best move I could've made. I dug ih's and wheaties to a depth of 10" with this machine. Couldn't be happier. Get the digging deeper book lot's better that the manual....Overall quite happy with this detector. Have never had any trouble with unit at all. Best decision i could've made..........

Overall Rating 5 stars!


The best metal detector ever

June 08, 2007
The dfx is the best metal detector I have ever owned. I own the qxt and the xlt and I have hunted with friends with everything from mine lab,bounty hunter and garret , you name white's blows them all away and the dfx is all of that time 's two.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


One of the VERY best

May 16, 2007
I bought my dfx about 2 months ago after using the xlt about 7 years. Right away I noticed better depth and much stronger audio responses on deeper targets. The xlt was a deep seeker but certain soils really affected It's depth. The dfx is better in all soils condition. The "tone id" cannot be beat and the pinpointing is right on. A a coil cover is a must and the optional detector stand will keep alot of soil and moisture out of your control housing. The preset programs are fine,with some preamp gain & ac sensitivity adjustments to obtain maximum depth. Also "tone I.D. and V.C.O. pinpointing are a luxury!!!!
This is one GREAT dectector.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


After reading the Whites sales team read down reviews...

March 08, 2007
Read down to the nuts and bolts of treasure hunting.
The ones into fads would detect over a car body 5 ft. down and think is was (maybe) a zinc coin and use the whites pin pointer to try and find it. Please! Help for this machine would be to put a piece of cardboard over the screen. You ears are better!

Overall Rating 2 stars


DFX is an excellent detector!

February 19, 2007
Hello, i recetly bought a DFX for Christmas, and in the 2 weeks before the ground froze, i was quite happy with it. It has great depth and awsome features.

I'm pretty good at MD'ing, so i watched half the video that came with it and got out to my yard that i have hit with a lower price garret. First find was a 60 year old penny that was missed by my first one. Then i went on to find a 70 year old antique sign for a local insurance company. Rung like a bell at 8 inches!

Then, i went to a local park to try it out. My sis used my old garret and metal detected a baseball diamond. Not knowing she did this, i MD the same spot and found a thin copper bracelet.

Then, a week later, i found a 1976 gold class ring in a school yard! I was stunned. This is the best ring yet.

If you want to MD to the fullest extent, use the DFX

Overall Rating 5 stars!


I've had many hobbies and this is my favorite.

January 25, 2007
I've never owned a metal detector but have always wanted one, so I purchased my first White's detector. I bought the DFX model. I've only had it for one day and I have already found my first silver dime in the first 30 minutes of ownership. I found it on the property of a torned down house. I can see now why the metal detectors are so popular. I guess I need to read a bit more to learn how to maximize the benefits to this model, however, I'm having some great fun with this.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Worth every Penny.

January 16, 2007
Purchased my first detector, the DFX, and I love it. The turn on and go programs work great for a beginner and the basic and pro adjustments are easy to get to and adjust. After some time with the detector it was a breeze digging coins out of the ground. I have even found part of a gun from the Civil War. The only down side to the detector is the pinpointing could be little more accurate but I am still using the 9.5 coil which leaves room for human error.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Five Months and Going Strong

January 10, 2007
I have been detecting for 5 months know with the DFX, and love it. I'm a person who likes to take control of of my settings and trys to get the deep targets without the junk, and it does this very, very well. I will say the DFX isn't a grab and go detector and take a lot of time to master and I'm no master (YET). After five months I bought the Matrix M6. Because I believe one detector wasn't going to satisfy all my needs. Some part of me likes the grab and go detector and the other likes the technical side of the DFX. So what I'm trying to say if your not a technical kind of person and have a hard time programming your VCR try a MXT or M6. If you want the best of the best and don't mind spending hours of your time trying to master something, the DFX is your machine.
DFX FOREVER!!!!!oh yah M6 too.. Later.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DFX - Great detector with a little work.

January 01, 2007
Out of the box this is just a So - So detector. White's Electronics have put a lot of effort in engineering this fantastic metal detector and then have fallen short by including very poor examples of preset programs burned into the eprom. With a little work this will be the metal detector of your dreams. Fortunately there is a huge support base on the internet. Plenty of experienced users who share their custom programs that will maximize your DFX to its full potential.

The first 2 weeks I owned the DFX I found an 1892 V Nickel, and a 1906 Indian head penny. I found both coins in a park that has been hunted to death. Both coins were Identified correctly by the display icons, VDI numbers and Tone. This is proof to me that this detector is a sound investment. If you see a negative review of this machine, it is because the user did not take the time to learn the unit. Happy Hunting!

Overall Rating 4 stars


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