Whites DFX

Price: $1000
Avg. Score: 5 stars! 4.52
Based on 96 reviews

Avg. Durability: 4 stars4.24
Avg. Ease of use: 4 stars3.71
Maximum detection depth

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A versatile machine

October 10, 2005
This machine works on the beach really well, also on land equally well. the programs are easy even for a novice, and little modification is required, my third Whites and the best.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Excellent machine! Having a great time with it!!

September 30, 2005
My wife and I decided to try our hand at the detecting hobby. We got a Whites DFX, a Bigfoot and a 6x10DD coil and some other odds and ends. At first we thought we had bit off more than we could chew. We are new to detecting and our first few attempts were a little disappointing although we would always find coins (all new). I finally found a quarter at about 6-7" (new too ... must have been plowed under) and so I then knew that I could find deeper items. It was just a matter of learing what we were to listen and look for.

We then decided to go to the beach and try. We camped a couple days at Tybee Island and found several coins (again all new but still fun) and some deeper then about 10". But the exciting thing was when we found a pair of earings ... they were about 4 feet apart and we had picked some trash and a couple pennys between them but we actually found both! They were studs with about a carat sized stone so we were excited. They turned out to be QZ's set in silver so they are not real valuable but they are pretty and my wife likes them. What I like is that finding them proves to me that we can find good stuff even as newbee's ;)

With this machine I can turn on and go with the pre-set programs and start having a good time right off the bat and at the same time, as we go, we can learn all the advanced features that will allow us to be able to use this detector in just about every detecting environment we come across.

Also there is a great and very helpful and active users forum at http://www.dfxonly.com (not affiliated with Whites ... just DFX users sharing experiences and tips) If you are thinking of buying one check out this forum, every one is real friendly and can probably answer any questions you might have from a users perspective.

Hope this helps. My wife and I are having a good time with this hobby. The DFX allows us to turn on and go and also allows me, being the tinkerer that I tend to be, to learn and fidget with all the different adjustment that makes this machine so flexable. Hope you have a good time with it too!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


White's DFX - Seasoned But Not An Expert User

September 22, 2005
I've had a DFX for 2 years now and must say I've enjoyed it. 4 years ago I purchased a 6000Di Coinmaster and enjoyed it's performance but wanted something that would go deeper and screen trash better. The DFX will tell you what's in the ground and the depth. I am very pleased. But... I do dig a lot of trash with the sensitivity turned up which gives the depth. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Out of the box, I'd say 6 inches maximum for reliable coins, 3-4 in junk. I hunted with a guy who had a Minelab and he found a coin at about 10" that showed as trash for me BUT - I could cover 100 times the area he could in the same time frame (really!). I've seen the video from White's describing electromagnetic induction into metal objects with 2 frequencies and it is impression, trouble is, the DFX uses 2 frequencies and the Minelab uses over 10? This can make it incredibly slow as it is processor intensive. Just my opinion and they're like...
Best of Luck!

Overall Rating 4 stars



August 10, 2005
Whites DFX, very easy to get started and acceptable performance if you are hunting for items less than three inches deep. I have a minnie burried six inches in my yard, and the DFX made not even a hum as it passed over the spot. No matter what program I used. Maybe it's the greatest thing, just not for me.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


A great detector with learning curve, that is easy to learn

June 13, 2005
I read a review that compared this machine to a radio shack detector. That alone was enough to make me realize that this guy has an agenda on what I don't know. But this kind of review has little or no believable or trustworhy value. To give a fair and un-biased review on a piece of equipment is, one would think,not to compare a good proven product, to one of a extremely lower quality (and I'm not in any way knocking radio shack detectors), but it is of no value to the reader of the review what so ever.

I just purchased the whites DFX and I have to say I'm really impressed with it. The very first find was a quarter about 6 inches deep, it read quarter on the mach. and that's what it was, and has done the same for many other finds also. As far as depth, I found a old wheat at 12 plus inches.

I am really satisfied with all that this machine has done so far. I will admit some of the settings can get confusing, but the radio shack guy , like everyone else, needs to simply read and learn to understand the settings. I have, and it has become second nature to make quick changes for certain readings or ground changes

I find this to be one great detector. There are a lot of high dollar detectors on the market that are probably good quality machines. I decided on a White's DFX by all the reviews and field tests I read, and I had a Whites coinmaster that was a great machine, so that had a influence on my decision as well.

The bottom line is this no matter what machine you purchase, you must learn it all. Detectors today have got screen displays and preloaded programs and customs programs, so all i can say is "learn your machine" even though it sounds like the learning curve is way over your head. This machine makes detecting fun and more interesting and more challenging than ever. You will love it.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DFX user

May 16, 2005
I have used alot of different brands of detectors over the years. From about $350 all the way up to the high Dollar units, $1400. The DFX is a great unit, But it is NOT for a person that is just starting out, Or has not had alot of experence with detectors. It has so many settings, That a guy can set it up to hunt anywhere and a new user would get confused for sure. It does like rings for some reson. The first time out with mine, I found 3 rings with it. 2 junkers and 1 good one, But still it picked them up with no problem. I found several coins at a scool that I had hit with several other units, That the DFX found with no problem. One was a 1934 quarter on edge, A 1914 wheat penny at about 9 inchs, That ID'ed on the screen as a dollar, Thats the only reason I dug it. Also several other Clad coins. So I was pretty impressed with the performance of the DFX. If a guy just bumps up the AC Sensitivity a little so it still runs stable and the Gain for sure some, Also I slowed the sweep speed down to 1 and I usd it just about all the time like this and it seemed to get real good deapth and ran real smooth. So for the people that get worried about all the adjustments it has, You don't have to move them all the time to get the deapth a guy wants out of it. Just try a few different settings like I did and see how you like it and it works for you. It has so MANY different settings, So it can be set up to hunt anywhere. Even over in England. But a guy does not have to mess with all these to use it. If you want it even has preset settings. Just turn on and go. Sometimes this is the best way to start out with this unit, Untill you get a little time behind it and feel a little more comfortable with it, Then you can start playing around with the settings if you want. But it pinpoints great and it is light enough to hunt with all day. All in all I think its one of the best units out there if a guy only wants to own one detector.I am sure I missed alot about this unit, But Just can't think of anymore to say about it.
Good Luck if you decide to buy one.

Overall Rating 4 stars


Paid for itself in 3 months

April 22, 2005
Having never detected before and researching different detectors, I choose the DFX, still learning the setttings but the first 3 months of just hitting the beaches in Southern Cal. found over $2500 in coins and jewelry. I use the detector with the Bigfoot coil now and the finds are even faster.

Overall Rating 5 stars!


DFX (Incredible)

February 24, 2005
The DFX is the 4th detector that I have owned. My finds inreased by at least 50% immediately. I found my first gold ring the first week that I got it. I went back to the parks and places that I had hunted and hunted with my other detectors and it was like starting over. I started picking up coins everywhere, totally awsome! Definitly has a learning curve but well worth learning! Evertime I go out I learn more things that this amazing machine will do. The preprogrammed programs are all that most people will ever need but nice to know that you can make any changes to suit your own conditions and locations. All I can say is WOW!

Overall Rating 5 stars!


Complicated, But Effective

January 05, 2005
I am an experienced detectorist who has owned just about all of the mid to high priced detectors made. The DFX was the last high end detector that I had not tried, so one month ago, I traded another high end detector for a new DFX. There doesn't seem to be many used dfxs out there.

I had an Explorer xs that I used for over 500 hours and made many outstanding finds with, so the computer menu was not going to intimidate me. I was wrong, making field adjustments with the dfx was timely, way too many adjustments, some I hadn't ever heard of. But, I turned the rig on and within two minutes of starting, I had a 44 year old 10k class ring. How did I do it? I really don't know. I was in the factory coin and jewelery program with the ac gain bumped up. 6 to 7 inches deep with a nail over it.

Second time out, I go to my neighbors 165 year old house that I have hunted up down and every which way. I tried the factory hi pro eeprom program and within five or ten minutes, I get an 80 vdi at 7 to eight inches. First target out of the ground is a square nail at 4 inches. I rescan the hole and targer is still there. I dig with my hand and out pops an Indian Head(1872 and the best dug IH ever) worth 200 to 300 dollars.

Third time out at a large park that I have hunted hard. Too much trash to hunt, so I hunt in the eeprom hi trash mode. I found 18 or 20 coins including a couple of wheaties and I am about ready to quit when I get a nickle reading at 6 inches on the side of a steep hill. A bent, beat up three legged Buffalo.

Three hunts, three outstanding finds. I just don't feel comfortable with this detector. I have not dug so many pull tabs that ID as coins since my early days of detecting. It gets you so frustrated and then it will reward you with a nice find. Maybe, it's me, but this detector is like a beautiful woman, it's hard to give up on. I do wish the adjustments could be made quicker and some of the adjustments that most people will never use or understand would be eliminated.

Overall Rating 4 stars


More hype than substance

December 13, 2004
Simply put, you don't spend $1000 to play with programs in hopes of making your metal detector work. The DFX may in fact prove to be an ok machine someday for me. But, in the mean time, don't waste your money. Pick another model, like the XLT, or go to a different brand.

Borrow, steal, or rent the machine you hope to purchase, before you do, and try it in a known coin garden. If the machine dosn't work in a planted garden, why would it work in the field?

In this case, the DFX has not been able to find 9 coins, 4 clad at eight inches, and 4 more at six. Quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies in that order. Except with one wheatie for giggles at six.

The soil in my test garden is clayish, and clean of iron. So, if a $99 radio shack knows where the coins are (doesn't know what though), then the DFX should at ten times the price right??? Errrrr, uh,, nope!!!!!

The $99 Radio Shack doesn't need to be tweeked, or a favorite program loaded.. Time spent farting around with programs could better be spent finding old coins with a good machine. And no, I am not trying to sell Rad Shack stuff either. But, that model that was on clearance for the past year outperforms the DFX , and also the more expensive Rad Shack models, and a couple from Fisher as well in my garden .

Leave the DFX to those who also like the Whites Bullseye pinpointer.. Another cute little black box that doesn't work too well either. They should give one away to every sucker who buys a DFX. ALSO,, TELL WHITES TO KEEP THEIR 14" DD Eclipse coil. It doens't work, and is not stable.. SEE HOW MANY HAVE SOLD ALREADY ON EBAY??? Proof for you.. If the "new" coil and DFX are so great, why are they being sold in such numbers??? Caveat Emptor. Also, Whites should tripple the warranty cause it may take that long to learn how to use the DFX effectively

Overall Rating 2 stars


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